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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 18 Recap

Zhang Liqian temporarily made up his mind to investigate the old street, but the two veterans of the Shao family kept him tight, afraid that someone would recognize him. In order to get close to Aniu (Zhang Liqian), Xu Tianai deliberately damaged the hotel’s facilities and sent Shao Zi to the hotel for repairs. He took the opportunity to visit Aniu and took him to the old street to take pictures.

Appearing to be intimate, Shao Yufang encountered this scene with mixed emotions. Lianliantian Tea Room finally ushered in good news. Deng Wenlin survived Yan Yifan’s rigorous training and finally passed the test after testing. As for the renovation of old streets, Aniu (Zhang Liqian) designed a fairly complete travel itinerary. Shao Yufang handed this project to Xiaqin, who gave it high praise.

Xia Qin asked Zhao Zimo to eat together, and Zhao Zimo made an excuse to say something was going on. It turned out that Zhao Zimo listened to Jin Shancai’s persuasion, and should not be too involved in Xia Qin’s life, and decided to alienate Xia Qin. Zhang Zhenyu kept looking for reasons to ask Xiaqin to go out, but Xiaqin’s hospitality was hard to stop. After a few glasses of wine, Zhang Zhenyu confided about his situation in the Zhangshi Group.

In the summer, Qin Yu took the drunk him out of the restaurant and bit the scalp to take the elevator that he had been avoiding. As expected, the elevator malfunctioned, unexpectedly triggering Zhang Zhenyu’s claustrophobic fear. disease! When Zhao Zimo learned that Tianqin was trapped in the elevator, he went to the rescue for the first time, but he did not expect to see the reality that he was least willing to face. Just as Zhao Zimo was troubled by the entanglement in his previous life, Shancai brought good news-the god is coming back…

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