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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 17 Recap

When Xu Tianai learned that Zhang Liqian had lost his memory, she immediately told Zhang Zhenyu that Zhang Zhenyu was very surprised, pretending that she did not know the matter. Because Tianqin has been busy with the hotel business, she finally caught the opportunity, because “Harbor A Niu” Shao Zi, who has always been uneasy in conscience, decided to tell Xia Qin the truth, but he did not expect to be “toured” on Lingxiao Old Street. Xu Tianai and Zhang Zhenyu interrupted abruptly.

For the innocent and romantic Xu Tianai, everyone was dumbfounded but did not know how to respond. Zhao Zimo and Xiaqin were out on a trip, and the two took pictures as a souvenir, but Zhao Zimo returned to his previous life because of the photo of Xiaqin. Seeing Zhao Zimo’s grief, Shancai persuaded Zhao Zimo to suppress the waves. On the other hand, Xia Qin dreamed that she had done “blushing and heart-beating things” to Zhao Zimo, and was a little confused about her feelings, so she confided to her good sister Shao Zi. Shao Zi confided Xia Qin with “Maybe Zhao Zimo is the emperor” ,

But Xia Xia Qin cut off this idea because of her physique. At the same time, Lian Lian Sweet Tea Room is also continuing, and Yan Yifan officially began rigorous training on Deng Wenlin. Zhang Liqian’s feelings for Lao Cai became more and more profound. He planned to rebuild the old street for Shao Zi. Shao Zi secretly rushed to admire Aniu’s business acumen, and was a little moved by his love for Lao Cai, but Dang Aniu said When it comes to surveying the old street in person, the Shao family will be in chaos again!

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