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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 16 Recap

Shancai and Xu Tianai saw Aniu (Zhang Liqian) who was about to be sent to a doctor on the old street. Zhang Liqian, who had amnesia, did not know Xu Tianai at all. Xu Tianai went to Shao’s home to confirm the identity of Aniu, and Shao Wanfeng hurried to “suggest” Tianai when he heard the news. Xu Tianai also told Zhang Zhenyu that he saw “Li Qian Ouba”. Zhang Zhenyu had a bad idea and decided to plan the next move. He temporarily convinced Xu Tianai to cooperate with Zhang Liqian’s plan to pretend not to know each other, and Xu Tianai nodded for Ai. The Lianlian Sweet Tea Room of the Lingxiao Hotel is about to open, but the dessert chef has not yet been found. Yan Yifan recommended Deng Wenlin as the dessert chef of the Lingxiao Hotel.

After careful consideration, Deng Wenlin, who had never been confident, finally agreed and took over the challenge. After the Wei Liang incident, Zhang Zhenyu’s attack on Zhao Zimo increased. Although Xiaqin did not know the origin of Zhao Zimo, he still chose to trust him, which made Zhao Zimo feel quite warm. Zhang Liqian had to be observed in the hospital for 72 hours due to a concussion. He was lying in the hospital bed with A Niu (Zhang Liqian). He was very dependent on Shao Yufang. Xu Tianai went to visit him. It was quite unpleasant to witness the ambiguity between Aniu and Shao Zi.

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