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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 18 Recap

Gu Manzhen worried that Xu Shuhui and Shi Cuizhi’s affairs would be exposed, and Shi Jingxuan’s temper would definitely make Xu Shuhui difficult. Shen Shijun said that the only way to prevent Xu Shuhui from continuing, but Gu Manzhen disagreed, thinking that it is impossible to cut off the relationship by reluctantly separating the two. Xu Shuhui and Shi Cuizhi are so happy together that only those who truly love each other can stand the test of time.

Zhu Hongcai reported to Shi Jingxuan, deliberately talking nonsense, saying that he himself saw Shi Cuizhi and Shen Shijun together, and Gu Manzhen mingling nearby. Shi Jingxuan was angry and thought that the matter of Shen and Shi’s marriage was nailed to the stone, thinking that the existence of the Gu family affected Shi Cuizhi’s mood, and ordered people to keep an eye on it.

Shen Shijun talked to Xu Shuhui. Xu Shuhui said that she spent money like water with Shi Cuizhi recently, but she also spent a lot of fun. There was an inexplicable pleasure, which is rare for ordinary people like him. When Shen Shijun asked him what kind of life he wanted to live, Xu Shuhui did not dare to hope, thinking that life chose him. Shen Shijun proposed to ask Xu Shuhui to collect some money to propose marriage in Shijia. Xu Shuhui immediately rejected it, thinking that two people who are not in the same world could not be together. Shen Shijun took out two more tickets to Hong Kong and asked Xu Shuhui to take Shi Cuizhi. Xu Shuhui was not ready, and Shen Shijun asked him to prepare as soon as possible.

Zhu Hongcai came to harass Gu Manzhen again. Gu Manzhen didn’t want to ignore him, so he threatened Shi Jingxuan’s desire to take back the house. Shi Jingxuan told her to break up with Shen Shijun, or just live in the house she bought. When Gu Manlu heard it, she quarreled with Zhu Hongcai and put a knife on Zhu Hongcai’s neck. Zhu Hongcai lied deliberately, saying that Shi Jingxuan wanted to take over the house because of Shen Shijun.

Mother is unwilling to move easily, so Gu Manlu should not easily agree. Although the child was gone, her mother thought Shi Jingxuan was too much. Gu Manzhen’s typed manuscript satisfied the other party. After Gu Manzhen took the knife and salary, he invited Shen Shijun to dinner, expressing that he would enjoy the happiness of the moment. Gu Manzhen mentioned that he was moving, and thought that he could finally get rid of Shi Jingxuan. Shen Shijun is not at all sad to see Gu Manzhen, and wants to spend a lifetime happy with her.

Gu Manzhen wants to move and pack her clothes, thinking that the hand is short, but Gu Manlu is very unhappy and complains to Gu Manzhen. If the family had a backbone, then she would not go to a place like Paramount to be a dancer, and the two would quarrel. A few sentences. Gu Manlu went to Paramount to find Zhu Hongcai and asked him to help. He also accused Gu Manzhen of being ignorant. The two sisters suddenly broke up, which surprised Zhu Hongcai. Gu Manlu thought that the previous Gu Manzhen would listen to her, but now she always put her words on deaf ears. Zhu Hongcai sow discord and deliberately said that Shen Shijun was not.

Shen Shijun came to see Shi Jingxuan and told him about Shi Cuizhi’s coming to Shanghai, but he concealed it and did not make it clear. He just hoped that Shi Jingxuan would not blame Gu’s fault. Shen Shijun got the lease and gave it to Gu Manlu, hoping to take Gu Manzhen away, the two decided to go south. Gu Manlu sounds a bit far away. Shen Shijun thinks that Gu Manlu dragged Gu Manzhen and asked her to let her go. Gu Manlu was said to be anxious, reminding Shen Shijun that love can often create greater regrets.

Zhu Hongcai asked people to take Gu Manzhen away, saying that Shi Jingxuan was looking for her. Gu Manzhen headed against Shi Jingxuan, and Zhu Hongcai had no choice but to kick her into the water according to Shi Jingxuan’s order. Shi Jingxuan didn’t allow anyone to snatch Shi Cuizhi’s things, and even if they had it, they would level it for her. Zhu Hongcai mentioned Xu Shuhui again, and Shi Jingxuan told him not to think carefully. Shen Shijun approached Shi Jingxuan for theory and reminded Shi Jingxuan not to be decisive, otherwise Shi Cuizhi’s temper would not be irritated.

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