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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 17 Recap

Xu Shuhui found Shi Cuizhi a new hotel. He did not dare to continue expressing his emotions. His cowardly appearance made Shi Cuizhi very angry. Shen Shijun drunk and pretended to sleep last night, in order not to make Shi Cuizhi feel embarrassed. Shen Shijun asked Xu Shuhui what happened. Xu Shuhui was at a loss, and Shen Shijun told him that Shi Cuizhi ran away from home alone. Once he was known, Shi Jingxuan was a figure that could not be offended. Xu Shuhui said that she could not help it. Shi Cuizhi’s character and temperament could not be stopped by the family, let alone others.

When Shen Shijun learned that the two were living together, he thought Shi Cuizhi and Xu Shuhui had a relationship, and Xu Shuhui was angry, which was insulting him. Shen Shijun accused Xu Shuhui and believed that Shi Cuizhi should be told immediately about Shi Cuizhi’s coming to Shanghai, and that he should be serious about falling in love with Shi Cuizhi. Xu Shuhui was worried about Shi Cuizhi and didn’t know where she had gone.

Shi Cuizhi tried to find Gu Manzhen and asked her to have coffee. Gu Manzhen felt that Shi Cuizhi was angry, and she was willing to listen. Shi Cuizhi mentioned a man, gentle and considerate, Gu Manzhen listened intently. Shi Cuizhi was outraged and said that this gentle man was Xu Shuhui, and wanted to make a connection so that Xu Shuhui and Gu Manzhen would be together. Gu Manzhen had already seen through it. It was Shi Cuizhi who liked Xu Shuhui and was also deliberately angry.

Shi Cuizhi’s temper came, indicating that Gu Manzhen always looks at people’s hearts, and she doesn’t like it very much. Xu Shuhui cares too much about the family, and is not brave enough to love, which makes Shi Cuizhi very unhappy. Shi Cuizhi did not like anyone robbing her, saying that she was destined not to become friends with Gu Manzhen. She hated Gu Manzhen’s hypocritical appearance. Like Xu Shuhui, she said more and did less.

When Shi Cuizhi returned to the hotel, Shen Shijun had been waiting for her and told her to return to Nanjing as soon as possible, otherwise she would call. Shi Cuizhi was aggrieved, saying that he had gathered the courage to escape and did not want to go back easily. Gu Manzhen found Xu Shuhui and told him a lot. In fact, two people have each other, and the most worthwhile is to work hard.

Xu Shuhui said that the gap between himself and Shi Cuizhi was the distance of the Huangpu River. He thought it was impossible, and worried that if he really fell in love, he would never forget it. Gu Manzhen comforted Xu Shuhui. Taking the example of her and Shen Shijun, the two are working hard to be together, even if the result is not satisfactory, the process of loving each other is beautiful and unforgettable. Xu Shuhui understands, love is not worth asking.

Shen Shijun has been waiting for Gu Manzhen until Gu’s house. Gu Manlu hopes that he can accompany him to get things from Paramount. Gu Manlu told Shen Shijun a lot. Paramount is a place with many stories. When I came here by myself, it was just to make money, but after a long time, habits will become natural. There is a once smashing oiran in Paramount, named Xiao Ruyi, and Shen Shijun wants to help Xiao Ruyi clean. Xiao Ruyi is getting older, sister Meifeng pity her, let her stay in Paramount to clean.

Gu Manlu took Shen Shijun to Paramount, saying that she didn’t want to get Shen Shijun’s sympathy, but talked about her life. Xu Shuhui went to coax Shi Cuizhi early in the morning, apologized to her, and took public leave to play with her. Even if tomorrow is the end of the world, he will enjoy the happiness of being with Shi Cuizhi now.

Shi Jingxuan was furious and made a mess of his home, precisely because of Shi Cuizhi’s ran away from home. Shi Cuizhi wanted to watch the movie, but it was a pity that she couldn’t buy the tickets. Xu Shuhui quietly took her into the backstage of the work room to watch. Gu Manzhen finds a new job as a clerk typing. Gu Manlu believes that Shen Shijun is a reliable person, so Gu Manzhen can take good care of it.

Shen Shijun went to the door of Gu’s house and apologized to Gu Manzhen, and the two reconciled. Zhu Hongcai saw the two close close and Shi Cuizhi and Xu Shuhui together.

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