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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 15 Recap

Qi Nian only saw the two hugging, but couldn’t hear what Lin Yi said in Ji Yanxin’s ear. If I were that girl, I would definitely want to kill you. Qi Nian picked up the key on the ground and looked at the golden key. Qi Nian knew it was time for him to leave.

When Ji Yanxin went home, he saw Qi Nian dragging his suitcase and the keys on the table. Qi Nian put the book “Beauty for Repair” beside the key. It’s about to be separated, and she should also tell Ji Yanxin some things. Qi Nian confessed that he did not fall in love with him at first sight, and all pursuits were just to find inspiration for writing. She is the chief writer, and Si Qi is her assistant. But the feeling of loving someone can’t be concealed, and Qi Nian also admitted that the closer she gets to Ji Yanxin, the more she finds that she can’t do without him. As long as I can’t be with him, I can’t write anymore. All her confession to Ji Yanxin are true, but even if she said this now, how could Ji Yanxin believe her sincerity.

Qi Nian dragged the suitcase and pushed the door out without looking back. Ji Yanxin chased her out and dragged her back into her arms. This passionate and loving kiss surprised Qi Nian. When Siqi and Lu Qingwu walked to the door, they saw such a happy scene. The blue hourglass in his hand fell on the ground, colliding with a broken beauty. She was broken before she confessed, Lu Qingwu looked sad and thought together, but she didn’t know how to comfort her.

Qi Nian, who stayed in place, was dragged back home by Ji Yanxin. With a shocked expression on his face, Qi Nian raised his hand and took a bite. Painfully told her this was not a dream. But such abnormal Ji Yanxin really made Qi Nian unable to believe that he was sober. Suddenly, Qi Nian remembered the suitcase outside the door. At this time, he still took care of it. Ji Yanxin hugged Qi Nian sideways, kicked open the door with his feet domineeringly, put Qi Nian on the bed, and restrained her.

The flustered Qi Nian’s words are incoherent, this style of painting has changed too quickly, but they are not a relationship between men and women. Ji Yanxin tells Qi Nian that the relationship can be whatever she wants. He wants to repeat the phrase “I only like you and nothing else” over and over again, as if this can make his inner hardness melt over and over again. Qi Nian finally knew that she was shy and covered her face. Ji Yanxin pushed her hand away and squeezed her ten fingers. I like you so seriously. He waited for this sentence for a long time. At this moment, Qi Nian was very hungry untimely.

Lu Qingwu followed Si Qi, who had walked two streets violently, and asked him what he was going to do, and Si Qi said to die. Lu Qingwu let out a sneer, this person will die if he loses a relationship, no wonder Qi Nian will choose Ji Yanxin. Si Qi glared, Lu Qingwu locked his neck and still had a stiff mouth. With this momentum, it’s better to chase Qi Nian back. After Siqi heard this, she turned her head and ran away. Lu Qingwu was anxious to follow, but she hadn’t seen Si Qi early. She ran into the alley and was dragged by Lu Qingwu from behind. She heard Si Qi’s voice in shock. She, a weak woman, came to worry about herself, and Si Qi was helpless with her brain circuit. Lu Qingwu deliberately irritated Si Qi and only dared to buy a low-alcohol pretend in a convenience store. Si Qi really went to Lu Qingwu’s house with deception.

Ji Yanxin took Qi Nian out to eat supper. He looked at Qi Nian seriously and said that we are dating. Qi Nian stared at Ji Yanxin and didn’t reply. She was waiting for the turning sentence after Ji Yanxin, because it was his style to always let his hopes fall. Ji Yanxin was helpless, he was very sober now and was fully responsible for his actions today. After paying the money, Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian to go home to think carefully and give himself the answer tomorrow.

Si Qi woke up on the bed rubbing his head, looking at Lu Qingwu in lace pajamas, Missing felt suffocated. He only remembered that he was being poured glass by glass by Lu Qingwu, and then completely fragmented. Lu Qingwu flirted with all kinds of things, and even opened her wallet to do things to give Siqi money, which shocked the little kid. Lu Qingwu returned to her room, listening to Si Qi jumping in anger, she turned on the phone and watched the video recorded last night.

I wanted to record the embarrassment of Siqi playing in the bathtub while drunk. Ke Siqi’s beloved brother kissed his favorite girl, making Lu Qingwu feel soft. Siqi pulls Lu Qingwu to tell her that she likes herself, Lu Qingwu reminds him that he is not a happy year, but where drunk people can listen, Lu Qingwu can only compromise. Si Qi, who was about to kiss her, fell asleep, and of course Lu Qingwu only took care of him for one night.

Qi Nian told Liu Xia and Li Yue about Ji Yanxin and his confession, and of course he did not believe it after being shocked. Liu Xia repeatedly confirmed whether Ji Yanxin had acted intimately or kissed her before confessing, and after getting a positive sentence, the two determined that Ji Yanxin’s feelings for her were true. But Qi Nian wanted to refuse because in high school a school grass named Jin Xianyu confessed to Qi Nian, but two days later he was with another girl. Qi Nian is afraid that Ji Yanxin’s feelings are also so changeable. Liu Xia and Li Yue encouraged her, if she is insecure, it is better to ask directly.

In the past few years, I looked for Ji Yanxin. In this relationship, she was always the one who took the initiative. She asked if Ji Yanxin was moved because she felt that she was working hard, whether she wanted to use herself as a transit point, or she just felt lonely and wanted to find someone. …Ji Yanxin looked upset at Qi Nian, because I like you, it’s just that. He opened his arms and let Qi Nian come over. A warm embrace from his lover was enough to melt all doubts in his heart.

As Qi Nian sorted out the drawings, he told Xin Xin the news of his love at the same time, and Xin Xin was surprised at such a rapid development. Ji Yanxin walked over and held Qi Nian’s hand affectionately. He was about to kiss but was interrupted by Ji Qiu who broke in. Ji Qiu became an intern at a comics company, and it was exciting to be able to observe the relationship between his idol and his cousin up close.

Ji Yanxin suddenly became so passionate that Qi Nian felt uncomfortable, and Ji Yanxin made her adapt by adding her own name. Seeing Ji Yanxin remarking his mobile phone number as mine, Qi Nian felt very sweet. Together, the two renamed each other’s remarks as boyfriend and girlfriend, and the relationship was officially confirmed.

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