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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 15 Recap

Tsundere daughter Xu Tianai clamored to find Zhang Liqian as soon as she arrived at the Zhang Group. The employees couldn’t help but asked Zhang Zhenyu to help. Xu Tianai was curious about Lingxiao Hotel, and said that Zhang Zhenyu felt bad when she learned that Zhang Liqian’s mobile phone was located in Lingxiao Village. Zhao Zimo revealed that Wei Liang was not a pastry chef but a fraudster, and brought him to justice. Zhao Zimo had the help of “two partners” to stop the scam and stop the loss in time. Aniu was lost by Shao Yufang, Cai Ruping became furious when she knew it, and the mother and daughter had a fierce dispute.

Zhang Liqian clashed with a drunk man on the street and was beaten to his whole body. Shao Yufang hurried to take it back when he learned about it. Aniu felt extremely wronged and Shao Yufang apologized. Shancai, who has an inexplicable affection for Xu Tianai, took her to the old street, but accidentally ran into Aniu who was about to be sent to the doctor due to a concussion. Xu Tianai immediately went to the Shao’s family to find Zhang Liqian’s whereabouts. The Shao family’s Tibetan plan faces a crisis of being demolished…

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