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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 14 Recap

Zhao Zimo was drunk and dreamed that he would bang Xia Qin’s door, and kiss Xia Qin. After Zhao Zimo woke up, he quickly asked Shancai how he was drunk. Zhao Zimo’s hangover is quite uncomfortable, and he doesn’t understand why humans love to drink. Assistant Wei Liang gave Zhao Zimo a list of buying baking equipment and imported ingredients, and urged Lingxiao Hotel to place an order to buy equipment and ingredients. Zhao Zimo asked when he saw it, but Wei Liang ridiculed Zhao Zimo aggressively. It turns out that Zhao Zimo discovered that Wei Liang had a problem early, so he came to try and didn’t break the scam.

Zhao Zimo learned that Zhang Zhenyu took Xiaqin to see the commissioner to deal with the on-lending of the Lingxiao Hotel, and specifically confessed that Xiaqin went to protect Xiaqin. He didn’t expect that Xiaqin’s physique was scarred. Shao Yufang lost his bag to Aniu (Zhang Liqian) to Zhang Shi Group and decided to end the life that was a lie every day. When everyone in the group saw Zhang Liqian, they rushed forward to say hello…

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