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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 13 Recap

A Niu (Zhang Liqian) failed to confess, but Zhang Liqian, who has lost his memory, still thinks that Shao Yufang is very handsome, and sincerely likes this straight girl. On the other hand, Zhang Zhenyu approached Xiaqin through the car accident. The two got closer and closer. One time, Zhang Zhenyu even confessed when Xiaqin was drunk. Zhao Zimo couldn’t bear it. The Lingxiao Hotel greeted Wei Liang, the dessert chef, and Xiaqin asked Wei Liang to try desserts on the spot.

After the dessert was released, Xiaqin and his team’s eyes were bright. After the test, they were full of praise. They formally hired Wei Liang as the chef of the dessert department. Even though Wei Liang’s attitude was difficult, everyone was looking forward to the Lingxiao Restaurant “Lianlian”.

“Sweet Tea Room” can open smoothly in one month. Zhang Liqian took the dispatch order and toolbox to the Lingxiao Hotel to repair the motor, and everyone in the hotel was dumbfounded. When the Shao family learned that A Niu went to the Lingxiao Hotel to repair the swimming pool motor without permission, he was so frightened. Cai Ruping thinks that Zhang Liqian is actually good in nature, and Aniu is very simple, and wants Shao Yufang to treat him kindly. The jealous Zhao Zimo also wanted to experience the feeling of drinking so that he could understand Xiaqin more. Unexpectedly, Zhao Zimo couldn’t help kissing Xiaqin when he was drunk.

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