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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 12 Recap

Zhao Zimo casts a spell to go up the mountain and summons the mountain god to rescue Shao Da, Shao Zi, and A Niu. The three of them can descend safely. Xia Xiaqin questioned Ah Niu’s identity curiously, Cai Ruping vaguely followed, and Zhao Zimo knew that he did not expose the lie. Zhao Zimo told Shancai about Zhang Liqian’s memory loss, and Shancai was very surprised. Zhao Zimo and Xia Xiaqin were about to return to the Lingxiao Hotel. Xia Qin was upset because of Zhao Zimo’s unintentional remarks. He didn’t want her physique to suck up troubles to trouble Zhao Zimo.

As a god, Zhao Zimo didn’t understand Xia Qin’s thoughts. In the emotional summer, Qin did not notice that an out-of-control car was rushing towards him. Zhao Zimo had used up his spell quota that day. Seeing that Xia Qin was about to be hit, a figure suddenly emerged from the roadside and Zhang Zhenyu rescued him. Summer celery. In the name of being injured, Zhang Zhenyu pursued the realness of Xiaqinqin, Zhao Zimo became jealous.

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