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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 11 Recap

Xia Qin and Zhao Zimo continued to recruit Yan Yifan as the dessert chef for the development plan for the afternoon tea time of the Lingxiao Hotel, but because Yan Yifan was too involved in the dessert world in the past, his wife and children were left out without saying goodbye. He made the same mistakes and refused Xia Qin’s invitation. The Shao family hid Zhang Liqian after his amnesia at home, trying to keep him out of contact. However, there is a sparseness in the hundred secrets.

Shao Wanfeng accidentally ran into Shao Yufang and took Zhang Liqian home, but the Shao family confessed that “Niu Yunlong” was a new apprentice plumber. Village Chief Shao Wanfeng felt that the case was not simple. At the village chief’s “deliberate arrangement”, the village chief asked Shao Zi and Shao Yufang to replace the faulty motor. Unexpectedly, the heavy rain caused the soil and rocks in the mountains to become soft and Niu Yunlong accidentally fell into a ravine and was injured. Shao Yufang decided to settle down first when he saw this. Bing, take Aniu to the iron house on the mountain to rest and wait for the rain to stop.

The rain seemed to show no signs of easing, and Aniu was injured and unwell, Shao Zi took care of it with care. In the Tin House, the two also had the “first intimate contact.” Shao Wanfeng and Cai Ruping were too late to wait for Shao Zi and A Niu to return home, and began to look for people nervously. Zhao Zimo and Xiaqin went to Shao’s house to care about the situation and to appease the anxious Cai Ruping, but Cai Ruping said in a hurry. Xia Qin doubts the identity of the new apprentice of Shaojia Hydropower…

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