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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 10 Recap

The demolition maniac “Zhang Liqian” lost his memory. Cai Ruping and Shao Deshou brought him back to the Shao’s home to prevent the outside world from encountering Zhang Liqian. Shao Yufang firmly opposed. Cai Ruping persuaded Shao Yufang with a policy of mourning. Zhang Liqian was renamed “Niu Yunlong” and moved into the Shao home. Niu Yunlong, who has amnesia, has repeatedly made the Shao family nervous and jokes constantly. How to hide Zhang Liqian and persuade Zhang Liqian all kinds of questions become the daily homework of the Shao family.

However, Shao Yufang always had doubts about Zhang Liqian, wondering whether he would pretend to have amnesia, or if he had any attempts to test Zhang Liqian repeatedly. After inspecting the old street, Xiaqin gathered the villagers for a meeting in the old street square.

Xia Qin and Zhao Zimo want to unify the signs of all the stores in the old street of Lingxiao Village, strengthen the visual consistency, and make the old street have the theme while being beautiful, and each product should be related to the Caishen Temple. Unexpectedly, the village head Shao Wanfeng immediately expressed his opposition and persuaded the villagers to directly hand it over to the Zhang Group to plan the development of Lingxiao Village. Xia Xia Qin and Zhao Zimo had to face the task of revitalizing the old streets of Lingxiao Village.

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