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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 16 Recap

Gu Manzhen believes that as long as the whole family is together, any hard days are not a problem. His mother stated that although Shen Shijun was good in all aspects, he was indecisive and indecisive. He did not help in an accident at home and almost killed Gu Manlu. Gu Manzhen did not want to listen. Gu Manzhen apologized to Gu Manlu, if it were not for hiding the miscarriage, it would not hurt Gu Manlu. Gu Manlu laughed at her obsession. She would never go back to the past. She only hoped that Gu Manzhen would have happiness and let her have the courage to pursue her own happiness and go to Shen Shijun.

Gu Manzhen came to Xu Shuhui’s house but did not find Shen Shijun. Xu Shuhui was in a bad mood, and Shen Shijun also moved away. Shen Shijun waited at Gu’s house all night, and he apologized to Gu Manzhen, doing bad things by himself. He thought for a whole night that he couldn’t live without Gu Manzhen. He decided to take Gu Manzhen away, without telling his family, and proposed to Gu Manzhen to marry him so that she would not care about these worldly matters. Gu Manzhen had a dispute because Shen Shijun minded his family. Shen Shijun said that was not what he meant.

Gu Manzhen returned the money to Shen Shijun, and Shen Shijun was also very angry. He didn’t like a woman like Gu Manlu. Master Shen moved away because he married his aunt. He hated the existence of such women and didn’t want to know them. Because of this, Mrs. Shen Suffered a lot of grievances. Although he likes Gu Manzhen, he cannot respect Gu Manlu. Gu Manzhen returned the ring to Shen Shijun, and Shen Shijun threw the ring out angrily, and said a lot of anger. Gu Manlu saw this scene on the windowsill.

Gu Manzhen looked for the ring everywhere, but it was raining heavily and Gu Manlu had already picked it up for her. Gu Manlu wanted to vent her anger for Gu Manzhen. The two hugged each other in the rain, feeling that they were both poor. Gu Manlu burned money paper for the child, and finally saw him off.

Shen Shijun had been waiting for Shi Jingxuan, but Shi Jingxuan did not see him, and signed the contract with the leather goods company to Shen Shijun, and Shen Shijun was angry and fell the contract. Shi Cuizhi came to Shanghai to meet Xu Shuhui. She ran away from home. Xu Shuhui was very worried and kept accompany Shi Cuizhi to find a house. Shi Cuizhi didn’t want to stay in a hotel, but came to Xu Shuhui’s house and saw what Xu Shuhui bought for herself. But the conditions where Xu Shuhui lived was too bad, Shi Cuizhi smiled embarrassedly. The two were amused in the room, Xu Shuhui took the initiative to hug Shi Cuizhi.

When Shi Cuizhi saw the dusty clothes worn by the neighbor next door, she also put on a cheongsam with heavy makeup, Xu Shuhui was very worried about her. Shen Shijun drunk and ran to find Xu Shuhui. Xu Shuhui hid Shi Cuizhi. Shen Shijun felt uncomfortable and said that he did not want to be like his father and brother. He only wanted to be with Gu Manzhen, but he hated that he could not be the master.

Shi Cuizhi, who was hiding behind the curtain, was very angry when she heard Shen Shijun say this to her. She couldn’t bear to come out. No one had ever looked down on her. It was not her fault to have money. She said that she hated Shen Shijun too much. Shen Shijun fell asleep after being drunk, Xu Shuhui comforted Shi Cuizhi and told her not to be angry with the drunk. Shi Cuizhi also believed that Gu Manzhen was at fault and that she could divorce, but she didn’t want anyone to compare herself with other women.

Xu Shuhui hugged Shi Cuizhi and expressed his love for Shi Cuizhi. Shi Cuizhi asked Xu Shuhui what his status was in his heart. Xu Shuhui believed that Shi Cuizhi was a superior princess, and he didn’t want to use Shi Family’s money because it was a matter of man’s dignity. But Shi Cuizhi believed that Xu Shuhui did not believe in love, and was afraid to express and pursue it.

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