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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 15 Recap

Gu Manlu laughed at Zhu Hongcai’s recklessness, Shen Shijun had already proposed to Gu Manzhen, Zhu Hongcai panicked. He approached Gu Manzhen to verify the facts and said that he could take her to see Shi Jingxuan, but reminded Gu Manzhen to be cautious and not to speak impulsively. Gu Manzhen insisted on breaking into the house and begged Shi Jingxuan to meet Gu Manlu. Although Gu Manlu was a woman of the wind, she had changed since she was pregnant with a child. Shi Jingxuan said that she would not embarrass her, but asked her to return Shen Shijun to Shi Cuizhi. Gu Manzhen was neither humble nor overbearing, and in turn made Shi Jingxuan remember his son’s death.

Shen Shijun came to the hospital to visit Gu Manlu and expressed that he wanted to marry Gu Manzhen wholeheartedly, but Gu Manzhen had concerns. Gu Manlu believes that as soon as her child is born, she must move to Shi Jingxuan’s house, and Gu Manzhen will not be affected. Shen Shijun asked Gu Manlu to face the reality, blatantly exposing the fact that Gu Manlu had a miscarriage.

Gu Manlu covered Shen Shijun’s mouth, thinking that he was cursing her and drove him out of the ward. At this time, Shi Jingxuan came to the hospital, Gu Manlu was emotionally hugged Shi Jingxuan, unexpectedly Shi Jingxuan treated her coldly, pushed her to the ground, and refused to leave.

Gu Manzhen rushed to the hospital, feeling distressed for the injured Gu Manlu. Shen Shijun catches up with Shi Jingxuan, hoping that he can comfort Gu Manlu, after all, the pain of losing a child cannot only be borne by a woman. Shi Jingxuan said that there was no need. The relationship between the two had ended since they had no children, and there was no need to meet again. He now has no son. He only hopes that Shi Cuizhi and Shen Shijun will get married.

Gu Manlu looked at her belly, unwilling to face the fact of miscarriage, she went around looking for anti-fetal medicine, deceiving herself. Gu Manzhen made her sober, and they were all in pain, and Gu Manzhen also blamed herself. She hugged Gu Manlu and said that she was not qualified to save her. The child is gone, Gu Manlu’s hope is also gone, and the last straw is gone.

When Gu Manlu returned home, her mother and grandma put away the clothes of the children at home. She asked her mother to give the clothes to the orphanage, saying that she could accumulate virtue for the dead child. The mother was also very sad. Grandma eliminated the dirty things in the house every day and burned money and paper at the door to give away the unborn child. Gu Manlu pretended to be strong and said to herself that he asked the child to find a good person, saying that he would not bow to God.

Shen Shijun went to find Gu Manzhen, but met Gu’s mother, who told him to leave. After Gu Manzhen went downstairs, she did not see Shen Shijun. Zhu Hongcai went to the Gu’s family to please the old man again. His mother and grandma liked him very much. Zhu Hongcai wanted to start a foreign business and asked Gu Manzhen to be the person in charge. Gu Manlu immediately refused. She knew that she was losing power, and Zhu Hongcai wanted to miss Gu Manzhen again.

A telegram came from Nanjing, and Shen Shijun looked helpless. His mother urged Gu Manzhen to get married, and Gu Manzhen was very angry. Xu Shuhui saw the little mischief and thought Shi Cuizhi was here. The fortune teller told Shi Cuizhi, her marriage may be in Shanghai. Shen Shijun told Xu Shuhui of Shi Jingxuan’s true identity, and Xu Shuhui was so scared that he sat on the ground. Shen Shijun must be with Gu Manzhen, Xu Shuhui is not satisfied with his treatment of Shi Cuizhi, the two have a big fight, Shen Shijun packs up and wants to move away.

His mother persuaded Gu Manzhen to accept reality. She hoped that Gu Manzhen would marry Zhu Hongcai. Gu Manzhen believed that his mother had no ambition and only thought about money. The mother said that she did not want Gu Manzhen to live a hard life, and that she and her grandma had not lived long enough, and hoped that Gu Manzhen could live a good life.

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