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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 13 Recap

Gu Manzhen said that he could wait for Shen Shijun, as the two still have a lot of time. Shi Jingxuan came to visit Shen’s house, and Gu Manzhen, who was about to leave, saw that it turned out to be Shi Jingxuan. Shi Jingxuan is very optimistic about the marriage between the Shi family and the Shen family. He believes that the two can dominate Shanghai together. He said that he regards Shen Shijun as his own son and will not let him become a parent after marriage. Moreover, he planned to open a new store in Shanghai, called Longtai , Is the meaning of prosperous business and Guotai Min’an. Master Shen was concerned and didn’t want his only son, Shen Shijun, to be too far away from home.

Gu Manzhen came to the station, Shen Shijun chased it all the way, Gu Manzhen deliberately hurried into the car, and the two reluctantly said goodbye. Gu Manzhen did not give up, but didn’t want Shen Shijun to be caught in an embarrassment. Gu Manlu couldn’t smell the scent of grandma’s sun-tanning plaster. She only went shopping in slippers and didn’t want a car to follow her all the time.

Gu Manzhen got off the car and saw Gu Manlu buying toys on the street. Gu Manzhen hurriedly greeted Gu Manlu. When Mr. Feng saw this opportunity, he slammed on the accelerator and ran into it. Gu Manlu saw a car hitting him and didn’t want to push Gu Manzhen away first, but he was hit by the car.

In the hospital, both mother and grandma heard the sound, Zhu Hongcai was also very angry and asked the doctor to save the child first, otherwise he would not be able to survive when Shi Jingxuan came back to be held accountable. Gu Manzhen thought of the license plate number of the crash, Zhu Hong was not in the mood to take care of it. The mother blamed her grandmother. If it were not for the sunburn, Gu Manlu would not go out and would not encounter a car accident. Grandma blames herself and feels wronged, and she just wants to make some money.

Shen Shijun couldn’t get through Gu’s phone. He wanted to buy a ticket to go to Shanghai. Master Shen disagreed. It happened that Shi Jingxuan sent an invitation for the Shen family to have a banquet. Mrs. Shen first appeased Shen Shijun and asked him to stay and solve the immediate matter first.

When Gu Manzhen heard the doctor say that the child was gone, Zhu Hongcai was furious. Hearing that Gu Manlu was okay, Gu Manzhen was relieved. Zhu Hongcai said that Gu Manlu had only half his life left. Gu Manzhen and Zhu Hongcai had a big quarrel. Gu Manzhen had long wanted Gu Manlu to stay away from these people. Gu Manlu had a nightmare. She was emotional when she dreamed that the child was gone. In order to make Gu Manlu feel at ease, Gu Manzhen joined Zhu Hongcai to hide from Gu Manlu and told her that the child was still there.

Shi Jingxuan looked down at Shi Cuizhi, seeing through someone annoyed her. Shi Cuizhi only wanted Shi Jingxuan to accompany herself more, and she didn’t want to marry Shen Shijun. The reason was that Shen Shijun had someone he liked and said Gu Manzhen’s name. Shi Jingxuan suddenly realized when he retired, he pretended not to blame Shi Cuizhi.

At the dinner, Shi Jingxuan and Mr. Shen kept discussing the marriage of the two families, which made Shen Shijun very uncomfortable. Shi Cuizhi was also very angry. She understood that the marriage between the two was for business and money. She didn’t know what to do and asked Shen Shijun to take her to Shanghai. Shen Shijun thinks Shi Cuizhi is the eldest lady, and she cannot be independent in the outside world.

Mother and grandma worshiped the Bodhisattva every day and sent the son Guanyin to the hospital. The mother also gave Gu Manlu an anti-fetal medicine. Gu Manzhen went to the temple to ask for a lottery, but the result was a lottery. Zhu Hongcai re-acquired the lottery lottery for Genxi and asked her to coax Gu Manlu first.

Gu Manlu was worried about Gu Manzhen. Seeing that she came back alone, she thought she was angry with the Shen family. Gu Manlu reminded Gu Manzhen that what a man said was not credible. Zhu Hongcai went to investigate the car accident. There is no clue yet, but it has been determined that it was a premeditated car accident.

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