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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 12 Recap

Master Shen was fine after seeing the doctor, but Mrs. Shen was still very worried. If Master Shen had a mistake, they would not rely on it. Shen Shijun believed that although Shi Cuizhi proposed the resignation, it was also because of his own misfortune. He said that he would go to the small mansion to confess his mistake to Master Shen. Mrs. Shen told Shen Shijun not to go, after all, Master Shen is now in anger and will definitely not see Shen Shijun.

Gu Manzhen saw that Shen Shijun was unhappy, and drew a doll to tease him. Shen Shijun deliberately concealed from Gu Manzhen. He and Master Shen had not been close since they were young, but he didn’t expect to be a little sad after hearing that he fainted this time. Gu Manzhen also blamed herself. If she hadn’t come to Nanjing, so many things wouldn’t happen. She told Shen Shijun not to be too kind to herself and worried that she would be inseparable from him. Shen Shijun hugged her in her arms. Gu Manzhen felt such happiness too. A luxury.

Mrs. Shen came to visit Master Shen and told Master Shen to pay attention to diet and take care of his body. Mrs. Shen persuaded Master Shen that since Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi were not satisfied with each other, there was no need to force them together. Master Shen thinks that he is old, and if one day is not there, without the support of the Shi family, he will not be able to develop his business in Shanghai. He said that when he is better, he will go to Shanghai to discuss the business of batching shops.

Shen Shijun obeyed Gu Manzhen’s suggestion and went to the small mansion to take Master Shen home. The tree was tall and the fallen leaves returned to their roots. Mrs. Shen had concerns, worried that that home would not let Master Shen come back, and she didn’t want to add trouble to Master Shen.

Liang Shu listened to Qianru’s instructions and asked him to move the swing, but Gu Manzhen was helpless. Shen Shijun arranged for his servants to prepare for receiving Master Shen, so that Master Shen could rest assured here. At the same time, he knew that after Master Shen came back, there must be a lot of chores, which would be handled by Liangshu, and Qianru would make arrangements for the purchase expenses at home. Qianru thought that Shen Shijun was taking care of it in an orderly manner, but only failed to deal with Gu Manzhen and deliberately said bad things in front of Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun responded that he wanted to add to the crime.

Seeing that the swing hadn’t moved away, Qianru pointed at Sang Huai and said that Gu Manzhen, Gu Manzhen hoped that the swing would stay, after all, Xiaojian was still a child. Qianru responded bluntly, and the swing could stay and rush Gu Manzhen away. Gu Manzhen politely retorted, thinking that he was a guest of Shen Shijun, and big families should treat each other with courtesy, leaving Qianru speechless.

After seeing Master Shen, Doctor Song told Mrs. Shen that she must calm down her mind. Mrs. Shen heard that Master Shen was coming back, and he was very grateful to Shen Shijun for bringing back the people he looked forward to most. Shen Shijun said that the person who should be most grateful is Gu Manzhen. Mrs. Shen thinks that the future will be long, but now the body of Master Shen is the most important.

After Master Shen returned home, the whole family came to greet him. Master Shen handed over the business accounts to Shen Shijun to manage. Mrs. Shen advised Master Shen to enjoy more happiness and not to worry too much. Master Shen said that only Shen Shijun was the most suitable person to inherit his mantle, and he came home this time because he wanted to see Mrs. Shen and this home.

Master Shen and Xiaojian played chess together, Qianru fanned the flames in front of him and said that Gu Manzhen was not the one. Xiaojian pulled Gu Manzhen to Master Shen, and there was an endgame in chess, but Gu Manzhen had not taught Xiaojian how to solve the endgame. Master Shen used the War of the Three Kingdoms to talk to Gu Manzhen and let her leave Shen Shijun, no matter what conditions were offered. Gu Manzhen re-arranged the game, angering Master Shen.

Gu Manzhen was in a sad mood, and Shen Shijun told her to stop thinking about it and want to go back to Shanghai with Gu Manzhen. Qianru hurried to report to Mrs. Shen after seeing it. Mrs. Shen also disagrees with Shen Shijun’s departure at this time, and bought a good ticket for Gu Manzhen.

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