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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 8 Recap

Feng Xi knew Dongyue very well, and determined that she would take the opportunity to sneak in during this banquet, and she had to find a way to stop her. In this case, Daoraku volunteered to find Lu Chuan as a helper, so the two of them played cards around Dongyue and took the opportunity to change her tea. Who knew Dongyue had discovered that there was a problem with the tea, and secretly exchanged cups with Daoraku. Fainted by the medicine, Lu Chuan was stunned by a palm, Dongyue easily settled and blocked, holding the invitation to go to Dingyuanhou Mansion.

The new mansion is heavily guarded. In addition to Chi Jinhai, there is also the protection of the Yulin Guards. The emperor sits high on the pavilion, and Feng Xi performs tricks underneath. I saw a paper crane in his hand turned into a bird and hovered in the sky in an instant, and the chaffinch came to face each other, and the meaning was excellent. When the night was singing and dancing, everyone gathered together, but at this time Dao Le appeared beside Feng Xi in a desperate manner, and he knew he hadn’t stopped.

Dingyuan Hou drunk and passed in front of the people, and then when there was no one, he heard Chi Jinhai say that a maidservant in the mansion was missing, which means that an assassin sneaked in tonight. If he took this opportunity to leave, he ordered him to Jiaomen Sedan. Dongyue escaped the crowd and sneaked into the bedroom. Unexpectedly, it was Chi Jinhai who was lying on the bed. She was hit. She was injured in her forearm, and her chest was hit by a fire crossbow. The red was suddenly red. The news of Lord Hou reached the emperor’s ears. When everyone was busy escorting the driver, Feng Xi hurried to find Dongyue.

He took Dongyue to a room, and repeated his tricks. When Chi Jinhai came to search, the bed was again a scene of a male and female Spring Festival evening, but Chi Jinhai was not fooled and insisted to look at the woman, and the emperor did the assassination. Know. Only cheeky to face the saint, in the hall, Dongyue wore Feng Xi’s clothes, accidentally exposed her arms, Chi Jinhai was puzzled, he did not know Dongyue’s body recovered from the water, at this moment her The arm was smooth and white without any scars.

The emperor was even more surprised when he saw it. Wasn’t this Half Immortal Winter Moon? It turned out to be a daughter. Such crimes of deceiving the emperor cannot be forgiven. However, Feng Xi and the third prince interceded, and the emperor put the matter aside first. The top priority was to find out the assassin. Chi Jinhai once wounded the assassin’s chest with a fire bullet, so just check if there is any injury on Dongyue’s chest. At this moment, Daole escorted a so-called assassin with the same wound as the assassin, but this person was actually a pearl.

Mingzhu insisted that she had a grudge against Ding Yuanhou, but her eyes were always on the left, which naturally could not escape Feng Xi’s eyes. Of course, such opportunities must be used to frustrate the vigor of the left. Mingzhu immediately understood, and acted very realistically about Zuoxiang’s threat to assassinate him with a small fourth. According to Ming Zhu, the only explanation for the matter was that the left minister borrowed Ming Zhu to assassinate Ding Yuanhou, so the emperor imprisoned Zuo Xiang in the mansion, and he had to stay in the mansion before the matter came to light.

After another wave, Dongyuelai pleaded guilty to the emperor, saying that she had no ambitions but had nowhere to do it. So she made the decision to disguise herself as a man. Feng Guifei also explained her love. Dongyue thought that now that Lu Yuantong had left Beijing, it was better for the emperor to reuse it. At this time, the three princes met and analyzed the current court situation for the emperor.

Hou Dingyuan left through the assassination, and now the situation in the country is gradually turning into opposition between the left and Hou Dingyuan. He suggested that a special supervision department be established to purify the officials, and the impartiality of Yufeng Pavilion is an excellent choice. . The other three princes also asked the emperor to send Dongyue to Yufeng Pavilion to help him. The emperor felt that the three princes would already share the worries for his father, so he agreed to his terms.

When Concubine Feng told Feng Xi about Dongyue’s visit to Yufeng Pavilion, he was obviously unhappy, thinking that this younger brother might not like Dongyue anymore. But Feng Xi refused to admit it. Feng Guifei had no choice but to give her the embroidered pouch, embroidered with Qixi poems. It was Feng Xi’s name, and it also meant that he would never lose his way.

After returning to the Feng Mansion, Feng Xi asked about the Pearl of Dao Le, her character was far more determined than others imagined, and she said nothing to let Feng Xi save her. After being subjected to several criminal laws in Dali Temple, his body was scarred, but he still shouldn’t speak, and he was bitten to death, saying that he was assassinated by the leftist minister. Until Dongyue arrived, she came to the torture room in a new official uniform. As soon as the token came out, the others dared not follow.

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