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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 7 Recap

Originally Feng Xi thought about the many scrolls, if Dongyue couldn’t finish finishing it, who knew that the news that Le passed back was that Dongyue and His Highness had finished finishing it, Your Highness? The little bit of softness just disappeared in a moment, and he ordered Daole to send a message again, asking Dongyue to sort it out by year, and Dongyue Qi jumped. At this time, someone was inexplicably looking for the third prince, so she was left alone facing Shushan, and there was a small official who wanted to help, but she was discouraged when she heard that this was Feng Xicai. On the branch of the moon, Wan Lai was all silent, and the winter moon was finished, and the three princes rushed back. At this time, the shadow puppetry must be gone, but the three princes have a more interesting place.

In the Yufeng Pavilion, the three princes handed over a dress, and Dongyue knew that he must have seen that he was a daughter. The third prince didn’t have any bad intentions, but hoped that she could be herself comfortably, and I hope she will follow her if she wants to change clothes. So humble and polite, Dongyue is naturally disrespectful. Inside, she took off her official clothes and put on a skirt, while the third prince outside played with colorful shadow puppets. He raised his eyes and saw Dongyue again. The girl smiled quietly and beautifully, making him unable to remove his eyes. After looking around for a while, he remembered something else, he was going to teach Dongyue to play shadow puppets.

Each shadow puppet is small and exquisite, and the lights on the screen tell a poignant or warm story. Today, they are acting the story of a deer turning into a mountain god and a young lady in love, to the last three princes. He also kissed the forehead of the young lady who Dongyue was holding, and the three princes outside the curtain also looked affectionately at Dongyue in front of him, and their shadows were reflected on the screen like shadow puppets.

Today was probably one of the few happy days for Dongyue, and she also learned about the three princes, Xinyao. Unexpectedly, there will be news in the next moment that will be like a bolt from the blue. The ceremony of sacrificing the heavens has been completed today. It turns out that Feng Xi deliberately asked him to organize the files today to support her and not let him assassinate Dingyuan Hou Lu Yuantong. The third prince looked angry at her, he still said that, if it is difficult in Taishi Bureau, the door of Yufeng Pavilion will always be open for her.

When Feng Xi comes to Taishi Bureau again, Dongyue is angry, but Feng Xi is cunning. Everything he does has a legitimate reason to refute, but at first glance, he abuses his private power, not to mention that he has the last hole card. , Dongyue female disguised as a man. Dongyue had to listen to Feng Xi, saying that if she was asked to copy Qing Ci, she could only copy it in a daze.

Lu Chuan felt sorry for her and helped her copy it. Anyway, he would imitate other people’s handwriting very well. He looked at the transcribed Qing Ci. Feng Xi’s name was hidden between the lines in this word. Dongyue didn’t copy it immediately. When I was distressed about how to kill Lu Yuantong again, I suddenly heard Lu Chuan mentioned that her Majesty believed in the technique of asking for a visa. If she could do anything in the signature, it would imply that Lu Yuantong was rebellious and it would be a good plan to kill with a knife.

In the next day, Feng Xi learned that the Emperor Dingyuan had agreed to return the fief soon. This was equivalent to letting the tiger return to the mountain. Only leaving him in the middle of Beijing to check and balance with the left is a good strategy. At this time, news came from the maid that Jiabi was born prematurely, and it seemed that she had to go to Feng Guifei’s palace.

There was a proposal by the three princes, and the emperor quickly agreed to let Dongyue preside over the signing ceremony. He was pleased to call the three princes in small characters, and Qing Xiao was angry. In Feng Guifei’s palace, news soon came that Jiabi gave birth to the prince. Feng Xi persuaded her sister to have a good relationship with Jiabi. By the way, he persuaded the emperor to set up a house in the capital for Jiabi’s father Ding Yuanhou. It was convenient for their father and daughter to meet, and he could stay in the capital temporarily.

The most eye-catching news in the new issue of the Kyoto Miscellaneous is that Banxian Dongyue presided over the request for a lottery, but he asked the emperor for a sign. The emperor was angry and transferred Dongyue away from the Taishi Bureau. Originally, Feng Xi only changed her signature to prevent her from approaching Dingyuanhou, but she lost her official position without intending to directly harm her. Now he has nowhere to go when he leaves the Taishi Bureau. The most likely one is Yufeng Pavilion, so there is one thing that needs to be done by Lu Chuan before that.

Just after leaving the Taishi Bureau, Lu Chuan stopped Dongyue and said that his relatives had vacancies. Dongyue was delighted to hear that. When I came to the spacious room, I saw that these tables, chairs, beds, flowers, plants, fish and insects were all elegant and chic. Dongyue roughly guessed that the house belonged to Feng Xi, but Lu Chuan insisted on the last stubbornness and would rather die than admit it.

In the evening Dongyue lay on the big bed, thinking about Feng Xi these days, gentle, stubborn, stubborn, all kinds of Feng Xi, she is more and more confused about what Feng Xi wants to do. . The third prince came to visit early the next morning and saw that she was still wearing men’s clothing. In fact, it was unnecessary. Even if the world discovered that she was a daughter, the third prince would do his best to protect her.

Dingyuan Hou was out of the city, and was suddenly summoned back to Beijing by a decree, saying that it was to celebrate the birth of the prince and to reward Dingyuan Hou a big house. Everyone knows this. Feng Xi must be behind the scenes, but there is no direct evidence. The two of them are still friendly on the surface. To show their gratitude to the emperor, Ding Yuanhou decided to hold a banquet in the new mansion.

This kind of lively Lu Chuan, as the host of Wang Chuan, had to have his share of the excitement for his Kyoto chats. Dongyue heard about it and remembered his previous life. Ding Yuanhou held a banquet for three days. After that, she returned to the territories to make waves. Killed Dingyuan Hou Lu Yuantong before this.

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