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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 16 Recap

Yan Shen went to Ji Xiaoou’s shop to find out some rigorous situations. She asked Ji Xiaoou if he was in love with Yan Jing? But Ji Xiaoou said that Jing had pursued her before, and later because of the little beauty, Ji Xiaoou told Yan Shen about the process of their acquaintance, Yan Jing thanked Ji Xiaoou for sharing, and told her that Jing really liked Ji Xiaoou.

At the hospital, Lao Cheng finally had a reaction. The first sentence was to look for rigor. At this time, Yan Shen hurriedly asked Lao Cheng if he had ever been involved in drug trafficking.

Yan Jin was released from the detention center. Early warning gave Yan Jin a salute and thanked him for cracking the 103 drug trafficking case for the police. Yan Shen took the hero Yan Jing back home at the gate of the detention center. Mom and Dad were waiting for his hero to come home to brag.

Zhao Tinghui called the anti-narcotics police and told them not to release people, but rigor was indeed the hero who cracked the case. In addition, they had no evidence of rigorous killing of Zhan Yu, and they could only release people according to the regulations. Zhao Tinghui returned to the police station and asked his subordinates to keep a close eye on them.

The DNA of the strict family turned out to be Zhan Yu’s, and Zhao Tinghui asked them to immediately arrest the strict. After entering the house strictly, his parents told him that he didn’t shame the family, he was really a hero. During the family reunion for dinner, the strict dad also relieved his son through this incident and planned to hand over the family business to the strict management. He retired to enjoy life. And his mother told him to quickly find a daughter-in-law for himself. The younger sister told his mother that Xi Jin had already had a sweetheart, and went to see her after dinner, and his father ordered Xi Jin not to go home tonight.

Ji Xiaoou sent away the last guest, and rigorously went in and hugged her. Finally, Ji Xiaoou saw that rigorousness hugged him into his arms, beat and scolded strictly, and the two kissed together. Zhao Tinghui received a call from his subordinates saying that Ji Xiaoou was making love to Yan Jing, which immediately made Zhao Tinghui uncomfortable, and told them to take strict care and not run away.

Rigorous told Ji Xiaoou everything about him, which reminded Ji Xiaoou of what Zhan Yu had said to her. Rigorous is a good person, and asked Ji Xiaoou seriously if he believed he killed Zhan Yu? Ji Xiaoou absolutely does not believe that Rigor will kill Zhan Yu. At this time, Zhao Tinghui rushed to take Rigor away. Rigor asked Ji Xiaoou to go to the hospital to find Lao Cheng. He would have a more detailed explanation.

Ji Xiaoou went to the hospital to find Lao Cheng. At this time, Cheng’s wife happened to be there, so he took Ji Xiaoou into the ward. Lao Cheng told Ji Xiaoou that Zhanyu had started drug trafficking two years ago, which surprised Ji Xiaoou very much.

Zhao Tinghui told Yan Jing that he was the biggest suspect in the Zhan Yu murder case, and hoped that he could cooperate with the police investigation. Zhao Tinghui said that a serious lighter was found on Zhan Yu’s body and asked him to explain the matter clearly.

Strictly recalled that after he got home on New Year’s Eve, Zhan Yu knocked on the door to speak. After Zhan Yu entered, he admitted that he was wrong, hoping to give him a chance to atone for his sins. He just wanted to trick Liu Wei’s money to treat his mother. Helping them to solve the case and arrest Liu Wei, Xi told Zhan Yu to go back quickly and didn’t want to listen to him. At this time, his drug addict immediately wanted to take drugs.

Zhan Yu refused to let the two people fight together. Under Zhan Yu’s control, the rigorous drug addiction calmed down, and rigorously pushed Zhan Yu out the door to tell him to leave quickly, if he was seen by Liu Wei’s people, it would be finished. When Yan Jing went out to see if Zhan Yu had gone, the neighbors downstairs also asked Yan Jing to complain that he was fighting and disturbing the people in the middle of the night.

Zhao Tinghui asked strict Zhan Yu to monitor that Zhan Yu went to his house but did not leave, and also showed him the video of Zhan Yu’s body being carefully pushed away from the community.

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