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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 12 Recap

Yuan Zhen’s senior staff found the commanding heights and prepared to shoot. Yuan Yi and Yuan Muqing agreed on a time and place for Yuan Muqing to leave first, and he betrayed Hong Ye from the moment Yuan Muqing was released. Ye cried about his thirty brothers who had lost their lives. Yuan Yi felt guilty and decided to commit suicide and apologize. After knowing the truth, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng rushed back to Yuan Muqing’s heart house and exposed the truth to Yuan Muqing, letting Yuan Muqing recognize the reality of his brother’s death.

After Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng left, Lord Hong wanted to sneak attack on Yuan Zhen, but was suppressed by the soldiers who reacted, Yuan Zhen killed him without hesitation this time. In Yuan Muqing’s heart, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng led Yuan Muqing to understand the real reason for her brother’s death. Although Yuan Muqing was still very reluctant, she chose to be relieved, but this time she did not suppress her grief anymore. After waking up, Yuan Muqing’s mood has been very depressed. Yuan Zhen took her to visit Yuan Yi. Yuan Muqing finally untied her heart, and Yuan Zhen also apologized to Yuan and said that Yuan Yi will always be his Yuan. The pro son of the battle.

After the matter was over, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng were walking in the forest. The two of them once again became the prey of Six Fingers, always in a passive situation, which made Qin Yiheng very annoyed. When Qin Yiheng was reading a book in the academy, he was followed by people from the news agency. He found the news agency president and learned about the news about Liuzhi. The news agency still had letters from Liuzhi, but he never gave it to Qin Yiheng. After Qin Yiheng got the banquet invitation card, he left without answering any curious questions from the president.

Yuan Muqing was invited to a charity reception in the afternoon. She was very unhappy, especially disliked such a boring reception. Yuan Zhen also wanted to introduce her to the young people around her, but at this time a dancer came and insisted When Mr. Feng spoke, Mr. Feng glanced at the Governor of Yuan University and Miss Yuan, and had to leave first. Yuan Muqing also took advantage of this time to escape from the reception and sneaked out to watch Jiang Shuo to watch a movie. Who knows Jiang Shuo is totally unappreciated, and has never appeared in front of the cinema, waiting to wait for Jiang Shuo, Yuan Muqing Angrily tore up the ticket stub, went to the compound courtyard to find Jiang Shuo.

The people in the Zayuan received various props from Yuan Muqing. The people in the Zayuan had a great time and were grateful to Miss Yuan, but Yuan Muqing came to Jiang Shuo, and the people in the Zayuan also I don’t know at all, not even Qin Yiheng. They all knew that October 15th was Jiang Shuo’s death knot. Yuan Muqing hurried to the police station to report the case, but Sergeant Bai refused to believe him, and turned around to deal with the disappearance of the business owner Feng Miaoxuan, Yuan Muqing He stomped his feet and went to find Jiang Shuo by himself.

Yuan Muqing searched for most of the day but did not find Jiang Shuo. It was too late. She returned to the Da Zayuan to meet Qin Yiheng. Qin Yiheng seemed to know something, and rushed into the newspaper with Yuan Muqing. Sure enough, they saw Jiang in the newspaper. Shuo, but the corpse of the newspaper president hung in front of him, and there was a strange formation on the ground. They found an envelope, but when they opened it, a puff of smoke fainted them. When they woke up, the three of them appeared in an empty lake in a small boat. What tools did Jiang Shuo have on him? nothing.

Jiang Shuo looked at an island in the distance, for a moment in a daze, he seemed to think of a big ship, and six fingers stood on the bow.

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