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Mermaid Prince (2020) 浪花男神

Mermaid Prince (2020)
Other Title: 浪花男神, Lang Hua Nan Shen, Mermaid Prince, Wave God , Langhua Nan Shen

Genres: drama, Fantasy, romance, comedy
Liu En Jie (刘恩捷), Lin Yan Sheng (林寅生)
Fang Hong Ren
Release Date: 
Nov 25, 2020 – Dec 16, 2020
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  • Li Xiang Zhe as An Xinda
  • Esther Wu as Shen Muxin
  • Lin Guan Yu
  • Wang Lu Xin

The story of An Xinda, a rescue team member of Xingyue Bay, who was mistaken as a merman by travel columnist Shen Muxin. After many hilarious encounters, they resolve the misunderstanding. The two worked together to uncover the mystery and found love in the process.

In the lifesaving team, Shen Muxin met Anshida, who was injured in a car accident and left the sports arena and came to apply for life-saving team members. She suspected that Anshida was a member of Meizu and made many jokes. But in getting along day after day, the two finally solved their misunderstanding and became lovers. Anshida also gradually walked out of the gloom deep in her heart and became a new generation of lifeguard captain, and together with Shen Muxin unveiled the mystery of Meizu people…

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