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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 10 Recap

Xiuyan got news from Zhengchang. Xiuyan, who has no religious beliefs, threw the pork stall to Ah Cheng. She signed up for the Pingtung Donggang Baoan Temple Incense Group for three days and two nights. In Donggang, Xiuyan saw more than twenty The son and daughter-in-law, who had no news in the year, were doing snack business by the harbour.

They seemed to be having a hard time. Xiuyan didn’t dare to come forward to recognize each other. Ask a friend in the same group to take a photo with her son from a distance . The small hot pot restaurant of Shouyi and his wife was opened and they invited old friends to come to the party. Hao Dong said that he had something to do, but Tianqing, who had promised to arrive on time, did not show up.

Everyone began to worry, especially Kesen. Kesen anxiously used all his relationships and almost alarmed the police. Everyone searched for the neighborhood, the railway station, and the MRT. Yitong and Xinda had a train, and Yitong thought that the only place Tianqing knew about Taipei was the five of the previous school. Zhuan, decided to try his luck. I didn’t expect to find Tianqing who was shooting a basketball on campus. The strange thing is that Tianqing doesn’t seem to know them.

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