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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 9 Recap

The swimming pool of the Lingxiao Hotel was flooded with large crowds. Zhang Liqian brought people to sabotage. The hotel staff tried their best to protect the “miracle” and Zhang Liqian and his group pushed each other. Zhang Liqian accidentally tripped and fell and fainted on the back of his head. Zhang Liqian insisted on telling the hotel after waking up. But the monitor screen showed that the Lingxiao Hotel seemed to be very tenable. Unexpectedly, there was a car accident on the way out of the hotel. The perpetrators were… the two elders of the Shao family!?

What’s more serious is that this collision actually knocked the successor of the dignified Zhang group into amnesia!! Xiao Hotel, because of the sale of the God of Wealth dolls, successfully won the battle, Zhao Zimo further prepared to launch the “Internet God of Wealth Temple”, so that more Internet villages can get close to the God of Wealth and develop afternoon tea time to increase hotel revenue. The Lingxiao Hotel completed the problem given by Zhang Liqian, and as agreed, the hotel can continue to operate. Xia Xia Qin and Zhao Zimo have gone through various difficulties, and their relationship gradually heats up…

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