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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 11 Recap

Gu Manlu felt a little hungry. Zhu Hong just came to deliver the snacks. In fact, he wanted to find Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu asked him to look in the mirror and not toad want to eat swan meat. Mrs. Shen went to see Master Shen to discuss the marriage of Shen Shijun. The marriage of Shen Shiheng was arranged by Master Shen. Shen Shiheng eventually died of depression because of unsatisfactory wishes. Mrs. Shen hoped to give Shen Shijun more time to consider Shen Shijun’s marriage. Master Shen firmly opposed it.

Xu Shuhui had been waiting for Shi Cuizhi at the door. The butler looked a bit shabby when he looked at him. Mrs. Shi looked down on Xu Shuhui when he saw him. After Shi Cuizhi came out, she saw that Xu Shuhui told her about Shen Shijun’s retiring. Shi Cuizhi didn’t care and thought that reputation was not important. Xu Shuhui said that Shi Cuizhi and Shen Shijun are good friends of gold and jade, and they match well for marriage. Shi Cuizhi was a little angry when she heard that, and asked the maid to return the betrothal gift from the Shen family intact.

Qianru knew about Shi Cuizhi’s resignation, and accused Shen Shijun of not coaxing women. Shen Shijun was very satisfied, and the twisted melon was not sweet, which was just what he meant. Gu Manzhen knew that Xu Shuhui was going to leave Nanjing early, and Xu Shuhui’s words were yin and yang strange, which made Gu Manzhen feel very strange. In fact, Gu Manzhen only dared to talk to Xu Shuhui here, even though Xu Shuhui had a cold eyebrow. Xu Shuhui reminded Gu Manzhen to have a plan for everything.

Shi Cuizhi was disheartened, and Qianru came to Shijia as a lobbyist, thinking that Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi were just children having trouble. Hearing that Xu Shuhui had bought a ticket for the day and was leaving, Shi Cuizhi had a fight with Mrs. Shi, and then drove to find Xu Shuhui. It was a pity that there were too many people at the scene, and she was very anxious, looking back and forth for a long time. Seeing Xu Shuhui was about to get in the car, Shi Cuizhi saw him, and she said that she was not angry but really wanted to divorce. She asked Xu Shuhui’s thoughts. Xu Shuhui was afraid to express his feelings. He believed that his conditions were not worthy of Shi Cuizhi. Instead of regretting it, don’t start. Shi Cuizhi hugged Xu Shuhui and asked him to take herself away. She begged, Xu Shuhui still had the heart to push her away and got on the train. Shi Cuizhi watched the train leave with tears.

Shi Jingxuan bids farewell to Gu Manlu and lets her take care of herself. He will go to Nanjing for a while. Gu Manlu had had a baby at home for a long time, so Zhu Hongcai was asked to buy cakes for herself. After Zhu Hongcai bought the cake, he found that Gu Manlu was missing. When Gu Manlu saw Fina sneaking up, she turned out to be affair with Mr. Feng. Gu Manlu grabbed Feina, thinking she was holding Shi Jingxuan’s money to raise a small face outside. Fina and Mr. Feng knelt down and pleaded bitterly. Gu Manlu was very angry because Mr. Feng cheated his savings. Fina returned the redemption money to Gu Manlu, and Gu Manlu told her not to continue, otherwise Shi Jingxuan would die.

Zhu Hongcai cut off Mr. Feng’s money, thinking that he helped Gu Manlu, because Mr. Feng had been expelled from the exchange a long time ago, he repurchased Gu Manlu’s money in stocks, and said that the money earned was divided into four to sixty. Gu Manlu disagreed.

Gu Manzhen learned how to make up in Nanjing. Shen Shijun’s mouth was smooth, and he praised Gu Manzhen for being beautiful without makeup. Gu Manzhen believed that the Shi family had her own responsibility for retiring. She took the initiative to copy the Diamond Sutra and prepared to give it to Mrs. Shen. Master Shen’s wife ran up to Mrs. Shen to make a fuss. Because of the Shi family’s resignation, Master Shen, a decent person, got dizzy. Mrs. Shen was very anxious and almost fainted herself. Knowing that Master Shen had always had high blood pressure, she quickly asked Shen Shijun to see Master Shen.

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