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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Manlu accused her mother of always buying things indiscriminately, and raising a child would definitely cost a lot of money. The two quarreled a few words, and her mother was also very angry. Mr. Feng told Gu Manlu that there are wealth management products that can make money. After Zhu Hongcai heard about it, he thought there was a new way to make money, and hoped that Gu Manlu could share the way to make money.

Xu Shuhui, Shen Shijun and others went to the Qingliang Temple to worship. Shen Shijun was in no mood. He walked out alone and saw Gu Manzhen also coming. Shi Cuizhi took everyone to the blind mother-in-law to be considered marriage. The blind mother-in-law touched the hands of the four people, and said that the marriage of the four people was messy, and everyone’s explanation was that the person next to the bed was not the person in his heart. Shen Shijun was even more angry after hearing this, thinking that Gu Manzhen would also be angry, but Shi Cuizhi believed it very much.

Xu Shuhui asked Shen Shijun whether he believed in the blind mother-in-law’s fortune-telling. Shen Shijun said that he would not believe it. He believed that this era is already free in love and marriage. Xu Shuhui said that if he hadn’t met Gu Manzhen, his learning would not affect Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun believed that what would happen without if would happen.

Shen Shijun knew that Gu Manzhen was leaving. Xu Shuhui had instigated him. He couldn’t understand it. Xu Shuhui knew that Shen Shijun had never suffered. He and Gu Manzhen were originally from two worlds. Shi Cuizhi and Gu Manzhen walked alone, Shi Cuizhi lamented that being a woman is too tired and always bound. The two chatted together, Shi Cuizhi didn’t talk about Shen Shijun, but asked Gu Manzhen about Xu Shuhui. They talked about the results of fortune-telling again, and Gu Manzhen said that he did not believe in fortune-telling, thinking that people who live by fortune-telling can’t achieve great things. Shi Cuizhi just doesn’t like anyone stealing her things, Gu Manzhen retorted that people’s hearts cannot be taken away.

After Shi Cuizhi said a few words with Gu Manzhen, he also separated. Shi Cuizhi saw Xu Shuhui and pretended to ask him if he would stay in Nanjing. At this time, Shen Shijun could not find Gu Manzhen, it was already dark, and the three of them shouted Gu Manzhen’s name everywhere. Shen Shijun blamed Shi Cuizhi for being irresponsible, mistakenly thinking that she had said something that shouldn’t be said to Gu Manzhen.

Gu Manzhen didn’t know where she went, and it was pitch black everywhere. She didn’t pay attention and slipped directly down the hillside. When Shen Shijun saw the kite falling on the ground, he knew that Gu Manzhen was nearby. Shi Cuizhi also sprained because of wearing high heels. She hugged Xu Shuhui and expressed that she was very scared.

Gu Manzhen was admitted to the hospital and did not want to tell his family, mainly because he was worried that Gu Manlu was pregnant. Shen Shijun took the ruby ​​diamond ring back from Shi Cuizhi and put it on Gu Manzhen, saying that he would make money in the future and buy a bigger diamond for Gu Manzhen again. Gu Manzhen likes this one very much.

Shen Shijun didn’t understand why Xu Shuhui had to leave Nanjing in a hurry, thinking that she hadn’t taken care of her well. But Gu Manzhen was hospitalized and couldn’t leave immediately. Shen Shijun hoped that Xu Shuhui would watch his brothers and go together a few days later. When Shen Shijun expressed his intention to divorce the Shi family, Xu Shuhui was very angry, thinking that it was unfair to Shi Cuizhi, and he was particularly excited.

Gu Manlu invited Mr. Feng to the exchange to discuss matters, so that her mother would not let Zhu Hongcai talk. As soon as Gu Manlu walked away, Zhu Hongcai’s hind foot came. Fortunately, his grandma was clever to stop Zhu Hongcai. Mr. Feng told Gu Manlu about the stock market, this time his odds of winning were ninety-nine percent. The previous news made her make money, and Gu Manlu believed in Mr. Feng very much.

Grandma asked Zhu Hongcai to let Gu Manzhen go and not make her mind, otherwise she could not close her eyes, and Zhu Hongcai could not listen to what grandma said.

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