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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 15 Recap

Lao Feng and Fang Niya met Zhao Tinghui when they were out for dinner. He went to learn about Zhan Yu’s case. Fang Niya really did not expect that Zhan Yu’s case would fall into Zhao Tinghui’s hands. This time Ji Xiaoou could not escape. .

Yan Jing committed a drug addiction in prison. The police doctor controlled him. After Yan recovered his sanity, he told him that the cycle of drug addiction was getting longer and longer. As long as he survived this stage, the addiction could be quit.

Strict was thinking about why Zhan Yu died in prison. Ji Xiaoou would be sad if he knew. At this time, a man entered the prison with a similar age and appearance to Zhan Yu. Strict gave him his clothes and called him. Sleep next to yourself. Rigor is still the leader in it. Everyone inquired about this child and learned that he was called Marin and he was only 18 years old. Strictly ask Marin why he came in? He said that he killed a liar and cheated his grandfather’s life-saving money. Originally, he wanted to scare him, but because that person spoke too ugly, he hacked him to death. These words gave a rigorous understanding of the lives of people like Zhan Yu. The sorrow of the bottom people.

Ji Xiaoou was watching the news. There were reports of murders and corpses. Ji Xiaoou wanted to go to the detention center to look rigorous, but Fangya told her not to be stupid and put all those people down and face life again.

Zhao Tinghui reported the rigorous case to the chief, and rigorous said that he was acting as an undercover agent for Lao Cheng. The chief thought that rigorous was a master to invent a role, but a policeman said that they cracked the case of Little Beauty and received information from them. The voice is very similar to the strict voice, and it may be true, but the director thinks that even if the strict is a real undercover, he cannot be ruled out of the suspicion of killing Zhan Yu.

There are many connections and grievances between Zheng and Zhan Yu, only his motive is the greatest. . Zhao Tinghui and the director said that Zhan Yu’s stomach contained poisonous ingredients, and was forcibly stuffed into his mouth, covering his nose and mouth, and suffocating to death. The basis for judging rigor as a murderer is rigorous being the last person to meet with Zhan Yu. And some blood stains were found in the strict home, but the results of the DNA are still waiting.

The rigorous father was very disappointed in him. He never expected that his son would even be a drug dealer and take drugs, but his sister, rigorous, always believed that rigor was framed. Yan Shen came to the hospital to visit Lao Cheng. Lao Cheng is still undergoing treatment in the hospital, but no one knows when he will wake up. Old Cheng’s wife didn’t believe that strictness would sell drugs at all. The strict younger sister knew that Lao Cheng had told her family to not touch strictness a year ago, but the relationship between the two people was still the same, which made Yan Shen feel a little strange.

Ji Xiaoou went to Zhan Yu’s house and saw Zhan Yu’s father went crazy at home and said that their home was end-of-life. After entering, Ji Xiaoou watched Zhan Yu’s mother wiping Zhan Yu’s violin, saying that Zhan Yu was going home for dinner. But Zhan Yu’s father called her to wake up. Zhan Yu was already dead, which made her wake up, and then held her together with Ji Xiaoou and wept bitterly.

In a rigorous company, when Lao Feng saw an employee stealing things from a warehouse to his home, he asked him to pack up and leave, but he did not put Lao Feng in his eyes. At this time, Yan Shen went, and this person was immediately subdued, and Yan Shen drove him away, asking the rest of the company to follow Lao Feng’s arrangements in the future.

Sister Strict went back to the company and got a rigorous bill. There was no record of a large amount of money. If you are a drug dealer, you should have a large amount of cash in the account. So she understood rigorous and the little beauty with the company for only a year. Before, she hated the little beauty very much. Later, she suddenly changed her attitude and became close to them, which made her feel that her brother must be an undercover agent. So she went to the hospital to see Lao Cheng, and asked him to wake up early, so that she could know whether she had something to hide from him, or she would go to jail.

Zhao Tinghui held a meeting in the bureau to study that the two cases of Zhan Yu and Liuzi were dismembered, and from the perspective of dismemberment, the murderer had a very good understanding of the structure of human bones. It is worth considering whether to investigate the case together. At this time, Zhao Tinghui received a call and learned that the rigor in prison wanted to see him, and said that there was something to tell him.

Rigorously wants to know the place and method of Zhan Yu’s death. If Zhan Yu’s method of dismemberment and death is the same as that of the six sons, Liu Wei must have done it. Liu Wei had killed pigs before and was skilled. Moreover, Liu Wei is vicious, and it is not ruled out that he was killed because of the discovery that Zhan Yu had framed the six sons. Zhao Tinghui left without telling Strict any news. Zhao Tinghui did not give up the suspicion of rigorously killing Zhan Yu, but he also wanted to investigate Liu Wei.

Ji Xiaoou once again received a forced marriage call from her mother, telling her not to think about the rigorous drug lord, when she heard that Ji Xiaoou hung up the phone.

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