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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 14 Recap

After returning home, Ji Xiaoou received a message from Zhan Yu saying that strict drugs had been attached, and asked him to persuade him. Ji Xiaoou went to Rijing’s house and saw him taking drugs at home. Rigorous told her to go out. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaoou took the rigorous drugs to the bathroom and flushed it out. This made Rijing very excited and told Ji Xiaoou to get out. Ji Xiaoou heard that Zhanyu said that rigor is good for her and still has a glimmer of hope for rigor, but after seeing rigorous taking drugs, he completely despaired of him.

Ji Xiaoou told Lao Feng Fangnia about rigorous drug use. They couldn’t believe it. If Zhan Yu told Ji Xiaoou, would Zhan Yu also take drugs? Ji Xiaoou trusts Zhan Yu very much and thinks that Zhan Yu cannot take drugs.

The New Year is coming soon. Lao Feng and Fang Niya are going to spend the New Year together. I hope Zhan Yu can also be together. Ji Xiaoou called Zhan Yu, but Zhan Yu said that the school was too busy to leave and refused Ji Xiaoou’s invitation. This made Fang Niya. I think Zhan Yu is an ungrateful person.

On the New Year’s Eve, Lao Feng Fangnia and the others had a very happy time together. The shop was also very lively and many customers went there, but Lao Feng’s son Lele was a little hot, and Lao Feng wanted to take his son home. Niya was able to take him home together, which made Fang Niya, who had been pursuing Lao Feng, some dreams come true. Several people went home together.

Many young people passed the New Year’s bell in Ji Xiaoou’s shop. Ji Xiaoou felt a little lonely. No man around her could accompany her New Year’s Eve. Maybe this is life, not so perfect, but so real.

Strictly recalled that he was continuously controlled by drugs at home. Zhan Yu went to see him after rigorously taking drugs and told him to hurry up, but Zhan Yu had to give him a chance to make corrections. Strictly said Liu Wei no longer trusted Zhan Yu. So I pushed Zhan Yu out of the door and didn’t want to see him.

The little beauty Liu Wei and Yan Jing are discussing the drug trading plan together. This time, they are strictly responsible for the transportation. If something happens, it has nothing to do with them, so Liu Wei should be able to rest assured.

After Strict returned home, the drug addiction broke out again. He had never had this kind of despair, unable to control his will. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaoou knocked on his door and dumped all the drugs. Ji Xiaoou was already desperate for him when he saw that strict drug use was taken, and he would not hope for him in the future.

Lao Feng found Yan Jing and asked him why he wanted to take drugs. He didn’t expect Yan Jing to degenerate to this point. Lao Feng took him to the drug rehabilitation center, but Jing drove him out.

Strictly used the public phone to call the drug police and reported the time and place of their transaction, but the drug police did not know who he was.

Liu Wei has been changing routes during the transportation, but there are always some vehicles following them along the way. Rigor knows that it should be a police vehicle, which is his only hope for going home. After several hours of rigorous journey, I finally met Little Beauty and Wu Feng.

Wu Feng said after a divination that it was a good day for trading. Just then Liu Wei saw a lot of police appearing downstairs. Liu Wei hurriedly ran away, followed by rigorous pursuit. The little beauty Wu Feng was arrested, but Liu Wei ran away. Yeah, Yan Jing fought with Liu Wei. Both were injured. Liu Wei watched Yan Jing lying on the ground and got up and ran, but Yan Jing did not let him go. He chased him all the way to the top of the building. Liu Wei took out his dagger. When the anti-narcotics police arrived, Liu Wei jumped from the overpass and happened to pass by a truck below. Liu Wei escaped arrest and was caught by the police and put him in prison.

Returning to the interrogation room, Zhao Tinghui listened to Yan Jing’s remarks and asked someone to bring Yan Jing back to the detention center. Ji Xiaoou also ended the questioning. She hoped that the police could find out who killed Zhan Yu as soon as possible. Zhao Tinghui obtained a laboratory report. Ninety percent of the deceased were consistent with Zhan Yu’s DNA, and the lighters found in the deceased’s clothing should be rigorous.

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