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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 13 Recap

Ji Xiaoou received an emergency call from the hospital. When Ji Xiaoou arrived at the hospital, he saw Zhan Yu’s skin and flesh spattered. Fortunately, there was no life-threatening danger. Ji Xiaoou suspected that he must have done it carefully. After Zhan Yu woke up, the doctor told Ji Xiaoou that he had no major problems and he would be discharged the next day after taking a rest. Ji Xiaoou took Zhan Yu back and looked after him at home.

Old Feng asked Ji Xiaoou if he ever asked Zhan Yu what was going on? She can’t doubt rigor. Lao Feng and rigor have been rigorous for so many years. He wouldn’t beat people for no reason. Zhan Yu must have been rigorous when he got into trouble outside. After all, Zhan Yu didn’t know what she wanted. So simple.

Zhan Yu had a nightmare in the middle of the night, saying not to kill him, and woke Ji Xiaoou. Ji Xiaoou comforted Zhan Yu like a mother. He did not expect that she fell asleep in Zhan Yu’s bed. Mother went there the next morning. Seeing that she found that she and Zhan Yu were sleeping on the same bed, she called Ji Xiaoou out and reprimanded him and cut off the contact between Xiaoou and Zhan Yu’s family, but Ji Xiaoou knew that she was right and asked her mother to go back.

Ji Xiaoou pushed Zhan Yu in a wheelchair, Fang Niya also took Lao Feng’s son to go out for a walk, Fang Niya joked that Zhan Yu must repay Ji Xiaoou with her body, which made Zhan Yu and Ji Xiaoou very embarrassed.

The injury on Zhan Yu’s body finally recovered. Ji Xiaoou asked him to play the violin to try how his fingers recovered. Zhan Yu was still so skilled with the violin. After the performance, Ji Xiaoou asked Zhan Yu why he was injured? Is it rigorous? Zhan Yu didn’t tell Ji Xiaoou the reason, only told Ji Xiaoou that strictness is a good person, and that the relationship between strictness and the little beauty is not like she saw.

Only Ji Xiaoou loves strictness. When he is finished, he will take everything I told Ji Xiaoou everything, and told Ji Xiaoou that he would go back to school to make up for the missing courses, and that he would not be able to work in the shop for a short time. Zhan Yu was very sincere and told Ji Xiaoou that the luckiest thing in his life was to meet Ji Xiaoou. , Zhan Yu hopes that Ji Xiaoou will be happy. This is the last time Ji Xiaoou has seen Zhan Yu.

On the other side, Rigorous recalled seeing Zhan Yu from Liu Wei, saying that this kid seemed to be a small attendant who seemed to be in the water. Liu Wei asked Rigorous if he knew that Zhan Yu had other identities besides this rigorous identity? Jing Jing said to Liu Wei, should he know everyone? So Liu Wei told Strictly that Zhan Yu is an inner ghost, and there should be other inner ghosts, and he must find out all the other inner ghosts. Liu Wei pulled Zhan Yu over and said that he was playing the violin. If he didn’t mention the other inner ghosts, he would break his fingers. Zhan Yu couldn’t tell the rigor and said he was the sixth son. He also played the recording of the sixth son. Liu Wei, it turned out that Zhan Yu and Lao Cheng’s recordings were taken by Zhan Yu to Liu Wei, so Liu Wei stabbed the sixth son to death.

Strictly ask Liu Wei Zhanyu what to do? Liu Wei wanted to beat Zhan Yu to death, but strictly said that he was a college student. In case something happened to him would affect future business, Liu Wei would put Zhan Yu back and ask him to shut up, otherwise he would call them mother. Both are dead.

Liu Wei and Yan Jing drank together to celebrate the final capture of the inner ghost, and then Liu Wei took Yan Jing to a drug production base, and Jing said that he was trying to get close to them because of this. He also said that Yan Jing, their last action failed. It’s all because of my own carefulness. This time Rigor won’t easily go away. Just when Liu Wei was about to shoot at Rigor, the little beauty rushed to tell Liu Wei not to be impulsive. The ghost has been caught, and this time with Wu Feng The transaction was not completed, and only rigorous could bring the transaction out, so Liu Wei gave rigorous a new type of drug to inject himself. Since then, Liu Wei has been taking drugs every day, so that he will forget the previous day when he wakes up every day.

Strict told Zhao Tinghui that the body of the sixth son might still be in the abandoned factory. Zhao Tinghui took someone to find the body and take it back for testing.

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