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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 46 Recap

Xiao Yanyan took the lead and promised the Bodhisattva brother to Long Xu. Seeing that their nephews had reached the age of marriage, Xiao Yanyan and Han Derang realized that they had spent half their lives, and for the rest of their lives, Xiao Yanyan would not wait any longer. After the imperial decree set up Bodhisattva, Hu Gu and his party were quite dissatisfied with this. Xiao Wei married Han Dejang’s sister. Hu Gu was even more dissatisfied with Han Dejang in his heart. With the support of the clan, he wanted to learn from it. Obstruct.

At the court, Hugu and his party knelt and refused to get up. They handed over the papers and forced Xiao Yanyan to retire from the palace and return to politics. As soon as Long Xu became an adult, the clan began to force the palace to return to politics. Xiao Yanyan was furious, knowing that the group was unpredictable. If she was dependent on a few people today, Daliaobao would fall back to before Taizu. Hu Gu insisted on thinking that Daliao belonged to the Khitan ancestors, but Xiao Yanyan had always been the only southerner, and frequently set a precedent for Han Deren.

Is it possible to achieve that because Han Deren had a queen mother who violated his ancestors! Han Derang shouted Hugu’s presumptuousness, and Brother Xiu also reprimanded Hugu for his impudent words. Mo Lugu called in the court that Han Derang had an adulterous relationship with Xiao Yanyan, and Han Derang and Xiu were extremely angry and sent Mo Lugu to prison. Hugu colluded with ministers in the court and spoke harshly. Xiao Yanyan asked Longxu how to deal with it. Longxu Nianhu was old in old age, and he was an old minister of the three dynasties, so he should be treated lightly.

As for the return of government, he asked the ministers not to Yee, he needs Xiao Yanyan’s blessing like Daliao. Xiao Yanyan told everyone that she will pay back sooner or later, but she will never retreat if the work is unsuccessful. She is willing to deal with the matter lightly today, but she will never allow anyone with the intention to do anything again. On the other hand, Hu Xian brought Daruan Abo to the crowd and personally conferred him the title of general, and Daruan Abo promised that he would protect Hu Nian for the rest of his life, but this move made Wang Sage’s confidant dissatisfied.

The next day, Hugu and his party led their troops to the court to prepare for the side of the emperor. Xiao Yanyan remembered that Hugu was a veteran of the three dynasties, and she had repeatedly tolerated Hugu, but he did not expect that Hugu would act like this. Hu Gu was obsessed, he took a knife and forced him towards Xiao Yanyan.

In order to protect Xiao Yanyan, Han Deran blocked Xiao Yanyan on his back, and personally ended Hu Gu, ending the strange side of Qingjun. Since Hugu is dead, Xiao Yanyan is unwilling to kill again. She said that a group of ministers are veterans, so everyone gave a piece of land to the grassland, and they could not go back to Beijing without edict until they died. Three generations of children and grandchildren should not hold important positions.

Xiao Yanyan bandaged Handejang, if it wasn’t for Handejang to block the knife today, she would be the one who was injured. Every time Xiao Yanyan encountered danger, Han Deran was the first to stand in front of her, and Han Deran held Xiao Yanyan’s hand tightly. He had imagined that he could protect Xiao Yanyan for countless times, and now he was able to accompany Xiao Yanyan by his side. He was already satisfied. The two of them fell in love with Yan Yuntai back then, but Han Derong’s heart towards Yanyan has never changed.

After what happened just now, Yanyan also fully realized that she was afraid of losing Han Derong. Xiao Yanyan has never failed the Liao Dynasty and the first emperor. Since the people of the world believe that the two have an unspeakable relationship, she simply took the world’s words and she wanted to be together with Han De and live for herself once.

After many years, Xiao Yanyan once again took out her favorite wedding gown. She was dressed in a red wedding dress and brought civil and military officials to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, just to live up to Han Deran. To this end, she also prepared a red wedding dress for Handejang. Handejang did not expect Xiao Yanyan to act like this, but he would like to listen to Xiao Yanyan. The two held a big banquet at the Prime Minister’s Mansion. They both wore red wedding dresses and stood upright in front of the civil and military officials.

The clan veteran objected to the matter of the two, but Xiao Yanyan used a Khitan woman to take care of the state affairs and self-imposed to change. At the same time, Xiao Yanyan also announced publicly that he would quit the Han family and let Hande resign from the royal family, giving him the honor of not worshipping or going to court. When the ministers were talking about this, Longxu and his younger siblings came to congratulate the two and changed their mouths to respect Han Derang as the emperor. Longxu even amnesty the world. The ministers who come to the banquet today will be given a knight and a reward of silver.

At the time of the wedding night in the bridal chamber, the two of them couldn’t believe that there would be this day, thinking that the hair in Youzhou was like a world away, but the two of them are really in hair now. Xiao Yanyan took the bravest step, and Han Deran was deeply moved. He promised Yanyan that he would protect Yanyan well in the future.

In the court hall a few years later, Xiao Yanyan discussed with the courtiers about the re-invasion of the Southern Dynasties. Long Xu mentioned the imperial concubine’s Guo Nian and wanted Guo Nian to play. Xiao Yanyan refused, and the courtiers mentioned Hu Nian. The matter of favoring Manu, thought it was very absurd. After the dynasty was dismissed, Xiao Yanyan knew that Longxu sent people to stare at the north. Longxu wanted to take the opportunity of the southern conquest to take back the imperial concubine’s military power. Xiao Yanyan was unwilling to hurt Hu Nian, but the public military power should be returned to the court, she decided Take a trip to the north and surrender the power of troops to Longxu persuading Hu Nian.

The clan once refused to hand over military power on the grounds that the emperor concubine held a heavy army, and the officials also regarded it as the greatest threat to the court. In order to ensure the long-term stability of the Liao Dynasty, it was imperative to gather the power of soldiers. I thought that one day I still came to this step.

The two sisters met in the north, lamenting the passing of time. Yanyan wanted Hu Nian to follow her back to Beijing, but Hu Nian did not answer. Tiao Lan Abo was running out of the book at this time. He came in and saw Yan. Yan and Handerang were a group of people. Tart Lan Abo is accustomed to it freely, and he has no courtesy of monarchs and officials to Yan Yan. Yan Yan does not like Tart Lan Abo, but Hu Yan repeatedly speaks for Tart Lan Abo.

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