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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Shuo saw that Qin Yiheng’s little secretary had found a business opportunity in order to entertain guests. He simply moved the table and set it in front of Qin Yiheng’s door, and made appointments for everyone. The women who came to Qin Yiheng heard his request for registration. They rushed forward to register to pay. When Yuan Muqing took Zhao Meng to see the doctor, Jiang Shuo was counting the money contentedly. Yuan Muqing saw Jiang Shuo’s tricks and threatened him to expose him if he refused. Jiang Shuo had to persuade everyone to leave. No success, but Yuan Muqing’s name really made everyone no longer dared to speak.

Zhao Meng was brought to Qin Yiheng, but she was unable to explain what happened. Yuan Muqing could only introduce them to the relationship between Li Jing, Zhao Meng and Yuan Muqing. Zhao Meng was pitifully bullied by Liu Fanghui. Li Jing often helped her and let her live with herself. Li Jing gave Zhao Meng a black cat to express her gratitude. But since Li Jing’s accident, the black cat has often appeared at night and vomiting When Zhao Meng was asked to avenge her, Zhao Meng was in a trance.

In order to find out better, Jiang Shuo had to take Yuan Muqing, who was familiar with the topography of the school, into Zhao Meng’s house. They seemed to be in the body of a black cat. The black cat lured Zhao Meng away, and they saw Zhao Meng through the black cat. Seeing the ground picture, in the picture, Liu Huifang dragged Li Jing who was rolling down the stairs, but Zhao Meng did not stop it. She was a little dazed by fear. Strangely, when the matter was over, Zhao Meng didn’t let them leave the house. On the bed next door, Zhao Meng was tortured by the black cat and nearly collapsed. Fortunately, Qin Yiheng awakened them in time so they could get out safely.

Zhao dreamed of going back to school. In order to see the black cat and find out the truth of the matter, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng planned to go to school with them, but they were stopped by the gatekeeper’s mother-in-law. Qin Yiheng relied on his handsome appearance and the wealth of people. After successfully dressing up, Jiang Shuo was not so lucky. In desperation, he had no choice but to put on women’s clothing and sneak into the school.

Without waiting for Jiang Shuo, Qin Yiheng went straight to the studio to find Liu Fanghui and asked her about Li Jing. Liu Fanghui’s expression was abnormal, and Qin Yiheng knew that she was lying. Unexpectedly, Liu Fanghui actually knew Qin Yiheng. She felt that Qin Yiheng came to trouble her because of revenge for their family’s robbing of the dock business, so she ignored him.

On the other side, Jiang Shuo went straight to the dormitory of Li Jing and Zhao Meng after entering the school. When Yuan Muqing and the three of them arrived in the dormitory, they just saw Jiang Shuo dressed in women’s clothing. Then, Yuan Muqing and Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng We went to find Liu Fanghui to find out what happened, but Liu Fanghui made chaos and escaped from school. Qin Yiheng and several people tried to get Liu Fanghui out of school, deliberately saying that her brother had an accident. After leaving the school, Jiang Shuo immediately hypnotized Liu Fanghui, and Yuan Muqing entered Liu Fanghui’s house.

It turned out that Li Jing helped Zhao Meng drew a painting that helped her get a place to study abroad. Liu Fanghui discovered it. Liu Fanghui took Li Jing to see the superintendent. Li Jing refused to let her go down the stairs. Liu Fanghui wanted to take her to get medical treatment. , Who knew that Li Jing was gone when she came back, panicked she simply destroyed Li Jing’s painting and left the room, and then Yuan Muqing and Jiang Shuo left Liu Fanghui’s house.

Zhao Meng and Liu Fanghui didn’t know where Li Jing went. Their only way now was to find the missing Li Jing. The painting that Li Jing painted for Zhao Meng was ruined, and the list of studying abroad fell on Liu Fanghui’s head, in a trance. Zhao Meng saw the black cat again at night, and Liu Fanghui saw Li Jing’s figure on the road and chased after him, but was trapped by Zhao Meng, who suddenly appeared Li Jing picked up the dagger on the ground and waved it at Liu Fanghui .

At this critical moment, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng showed up to stop Li Jing. Jiang Shuo told Liu Fanghui the truth. Liu Fanghui didn’t intend to kill Li Jing. Liu Fanghui wanted Li Jing to kill herself, but Li Jing just killed him. Slapped her. Li Jing also let go of her grudge against Liu Fanghui. The reason why she took advantage of Zhao Meng was also because she kidnapped herself with pity, let herself paint for Zhao Meng and win the opportunity to go abroad. After explaining all this clearly, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng left Li Jing to understand the help Liuzhi provided her, guessing that Liuzhi might also be able to read minds. Sure enough, Jiang Shuo could use sympathy to unlock the mind reading skills of cats.

In the evening, Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing were shopping outside together. At a place of worship, Yuan Muqing rushed into the worship crowd, but suddenly he was in a daze. When Jiang Shuo saw that something was wrong, Yuan Muqing seemed to have changed. Personally, kick him directly into the water.

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