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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 8 Recap

When Jack’s nephew in the British consulate saw Wu Liang coming to them with the winning clock, he ordered the eternal clock to be seized. Wu Liang no longer hesitated, hypnotized everyone, and killed Ambassador Luo and Sheriff Bai. When he arrived, the man was dead, and Wu Liang had also escaped. Yuan Muqing secretly followed Wu Liang to the watch shop, but she was found by Wu Liang and knocked unconscious in the watch shop.

Sheriff Bai took people to the station to arrest Wu Liang. After Wu Liang was discovered by Jiang Shuo, he immediately opened the eternal clock. Everyone was hypnotized again, but this time Wu Liang himself was hypnotized by the clock. He watched in a dream. When it comes to everything that he and Master Wu have experienced, even though Master Wu killed his own family, Master Wu will sacrifice his son for his life. In order to keep him alive, he begged and suffered humiliation everywhere. Master Wu cannot be blamed.

Wu Liang was awakened by Master Wu in reality. This time they finally got on the car, but Master Wu was shot and killed. Wu Liang collapsed and hugged Master Wu desperately. But at this moment, Wu Liang heard a voice, Jiang Shuo told him that everything was still too late, and Wu Liang who opened his eyes again realized that he had been hypnotized. Jiang Shuo and others told him that Master Wu was still alive. Wu Liang begged to meet his master again. Wu Liang found out that he told Jiang Shuoyuan that Mu Qing was still locked in a watch shop.

When Jiang Shuo rushed to the watch shop, the heavy rain had already filled the people’s glass jar with water. Jiang Shuo jumped directly into the glass jar to save the people. Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing almost died. Fortunately, Chief Bai and others arrived in time. , Broke the glass jar and rescued two people. Afterwards, Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing went to see Master Wu and found clues left by Six Fingers. Based on the information on the painting, they guessed that the next case would have something to do with the cat.

Yuan Muqing was a little moved by Jiang Shuo’s escape from such a deadly rescue. She specially took a gift to thank Jiang Shuo, and gave the watch her brother gave her to Jiang Shuo again. It’s interesting to Yuan Muqing, and now it’s even more energetic. The Qin family has many docks. Because the master of the Qin family has disappeared, each family wants to share this benefit. Now that the Qin family’s dock has been eaten by the Yuan family for most of the time, Master Qin was furious and confiscated all the houses of the second master Qin Yiheng. , Also dismissed his position as a doctor, Qin Yiheng desperately came to Jiang Shuo’s compound.

On the other hand, Yuan Muqing’s school is approaching the end of the term, and she has to go back to review her homework. She heard strange things happen in the school. Under the narration of her classmates, Yuan Muqing learns that Li Jing’s disappearance is the only possibility of Zhao Meng who is the truth. But she was a little crazy, shouting that Liu Fanghui was the murderer. Yuan Muqing was just about to talk to Zhao Meng, but Liu Fanghui stopped chatting. Yuan Muqing was interrupted, forgetting what she wanted to do, and started talking to Liu Fanghui.

The next moment Zhao Meng rushed over and grabbed Liu Fanghui to say that she was the murderer. Liu Fanghui left the scene angrily. Yuan Muqing grabbed Zhao Meng and planned to take her to Qin Yiheng for treatment. At the same time, Jiang Shuo and others were worried about the income of the compound. Qin Yiheng drove in, rented a house in their compound, and said that he was going to open a medical clinic with a pot of water. Jiang Shuo planned to make a big profit. Unexpectedly, after Qin Yiheng’s plan, the master didn’t plan to ask for money with a big wave.

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