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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 7 Recap

Sheriff Bai went to Qin Yiheng for help because of Jack’s case. Qin Yiheng did not hesitate to tell Sheriff Bai what they found. Everything revolves around clocks and watches. At the beginning, Qiu Jingxuan was copied and cut off because he didn’t win the championship. The dead Jack went to his cemetery again, and now six fingers were leading them. The negative was washed out. The owner of the photo studio still remembered the photo. They learned about Qiu Jingxuan’s apprentice Xiao Wu.

This young Wu reminded Yuan Muqing of Master Wu who was going to participate in the competition. He was also a watch repairer, but when they came to Master Wu’s watch shop, Master Wu was not there. There was a shop for resale outside the watch shop. There is only Wu Liang in the shop. Jiang Shuo took out the photo for Wu Liang to identify, but he only knew his father. The two asked to no avail, so they had to leave the watch shop after repairing the watch.

Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing returned to the autopsy room to join Qin Yiheng. Qin Yiheng just found out the real cause of Jack’s death. He was suffocated to death by crushing his throat. The murderer must have a lot of strength, which reminds Jiang Shuo. In the scene in the watch shop, Wu Liang caught a particularly heavy watch. Only watch repairers have such great hand strength. So everyone immediately went back to the watch shop to look for Wu Liang. Wu Liang sat quietly and saw them coming, only showing a large clock before their eyes.

Wu Liang’s expression was very strange. Seeing his unusualness, Jiang Shuo immediately hypnotized Wu Liang. In Wu Liang’s house, Qin Yiheng and Wu Liang saw the grudges between Jack and Master Wu, as well as Jack’s The cause of death and the plan of Wu Liang and his son. So after the hypnosis was over, they went to the cave to find Master Wu. The scar on Master Wu’s arm was exactly the same as Chief Bai had guessed, so they took him directly to the police station.

The inheritance of his master mentioned by Master Wu was exactly what Jack had always wanted, but Jiang Shuo couldn’t understand what Master Qiu was missing and needed Six Fingers’ help. Thinking about it, Yuan Muqing suddenly came to him. She didn’t believe that looking at the amiable Master Wu would be a murderer, she felt that there was something strange inside. The two decided to go to the watch conference to find out, maybe Six Fingers is to let them find the key watch.

At the watch conference, Wu Liang took out his clock. Everyone fainted the moment he opened the clock. The only people who were awake were Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng, but they were both hypnotized by the clock. Jiang Shuo saw six fingers in the cemetery, but he clearly remembered that he was at the watch conference. He immediately reacted to breaking the hypnosis, and Qin Yiheng beside him was also hypnotized. He saw his father, and his father’s departure made him He chased him out in a hurry. He was trapped by his own demons and almost choked Yuan Muqing beside him. Yuan Muqing woke up because of this. Fortunately, Jiang Shuo woke up to stop him.

Wu Liang finally received the watch, and everyone gradually awakened. Everyone was shocked. Wu Liang deservedly won the championship, but the abnormality of the clock caught the attention of the three Jiang Shuo. Qin Yiheng guessed that they saw it in Wu Liang’s heart. It is very likely that this is not the truth. For this reason, Yuan Muqing hurried to find Master Wu. She didn’t believe that the elderly Master Wu had so much energy to directly choke people to death. Jiang Shuo couldn’t stop it, so he could only let Yuan Muqing leave. Yuan Muqing followed Wu Liang to the British consulate, but she couldn’t get in and could only stop outside the door.

At this time, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng came to the police station. He hypnotized him while Master Wu was not paying attention. Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo entered Master Wu’s heart house together, and they really saw a different enthusiasm than in Wu Liang’s heart house. Jack’s threat to Master Wu was heard by Wu Liang. Wu Liang followed up to find out the truth. Master Wu collected money and sold Qiu Jingxuan, causing the Qiu family to be ransacked and cut off. As the only descendant of the Qiu family, Wu Liang After learning the truth, he also killed Jack. Master Wu took the charge for Wu Liang because of his conscience.

After seeing everything here, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng left Master Wu’s heart, Master Wu also told them that he had framed Master Qiu back then, and it was Liuzhi who helped Master Wu restore the eternal watch. At this moment, the people sent by Yuan Muqing told them that Wu Liang had gone to the British Consulate. Recalling Wu Liang’s hatred of killing Qiu’s family, Jiang Shuo immediately reacted to Wu Liang’s plan.

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