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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 6 Recap

Through this window, Jiang Shuo found and entered the dean’s office. He rummaged through the drawers and found evidence that he saw children buying and selling in his home. Before he could think that someone strode in, Jiang Shuo hid in the dark. I heard the content of his call, and then saw a girl come in, and wanted the dean to show her to her brother. Who knew that the dean would shut her up indiscriminately, so Jiang Shuo hurriedly knocked out the courtyard. Long, let the little girl lead the way to her brother.

In the hospital, the housekeeper who had been waiting for a long time finally had no patience. He wanted to rush out only for his daughter. As soon as he went out, he was pointed at the head by A Bin’s gun and returned. To ensure the safety of the housekeeper, Yuan Muqing took the initiative Take the hostages and give him money, provided they go to the nursery together. Before leaving, Yuan Muqing asked the sheriff to inform her father that he went to the nursery with Abin Xiner first.

At this time, Jiang Shuo’s disappearance had attracted the nun’s attention. The nun followed Qin Yiheng upstairs. Before she could do anything, Jiang Shuo appeared behind her and attacked the nun, Qin Yiheng was almost injured. Then they hijacked the nun and brought the little girl who was looking for her brother to the study. Soon they found something abnormal in the study in the nun’s guilty eyes. After looking around, Jiang Shuo found the switch of the secret room. It is the children who are missing.

Jiang Shuo picked up the unconscious Xiaoyu and was about to take the children away. Suddenly the dean who was knocked unconscious by Jiang Shuo appeared at the door of the secret room. The nun took the opportunity to escape and locked Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng in the secret room. At this time, the door was full of people from the Governor of the Yuan Dynasty. Although he got the money, the kind-hearted Xin’er refused to leave because there were still many victims in the nursery.

Without them, the police might not be able to find the secret room. Xin’er broke into the nursery by herself, and happened to meet the three deans who were about to flee. They shot and killed Xin’er. Although the Yuan army went upstairs to contain them, everything was irreversible, and A Bin violently killed The dean was killed, but he was also shot.

All of this was coincidentally linked to Six Fingers. The injured person would not stop until the game ended, and they still did not find Six Fingers after all. When Jiang Shuo hurried back to the compound, he found that his family members were all collapsed on the ground, looking unconscious, and he hurriedly called Qin Yiheng for treatment. This is another set of six fingers that Jiang Shuo gave to Jiang Shuo. If Jiang Shuo does not follow his ideas , He wanted to attack the people around Jiang Shuo, and on the table was the next clue left by Six Fingers—the story about two generations.

The Marshal held the World Watch Conference. Master Wu faced the British watch master Jack. When singing and dancing here, Jiang Shuo was entertaining customers who came to visit the Yin House. There was a steady stream of customers, but suddenly someone came to tell Jiang Shuo about his grave. All the graves in the garden were dug up, and everyone came to him for trouble. This made Jiang Shuo think of the term “descendants”. He sent other family members away and saw a pen on the only complete grave.

The Marshal also encountered difficulties at this time. The master Jack, who came to participate in their World Watch Conference, died in the hotel. The representative of the British Empire asked to find the real culprit before the opening of the game, or refused to participate in the conference.

Sheriff Bai was so busy with this matter that she could only hand over the excavation of Jiang Shuo’s cemetery to Miss Yuan Muqing, who could not find the person “Jing Xuan” in the police station and came When they arrived at the county annals pavilion, the two of them searched here for most of the day and there was no one named Jingxuan. It was not until the person in charge of the county annals pavilion sent a booklet that they found a watchmaker named “Qiu Jingxuan” on it. Thinking of the clues given by Six Fingers, Jiang Shuo must be this person, and the deceased Jack was the winner of the year.

They found a leaf on Jack’s clothes, which was only found in his cemetery, and Qin Yiheng found a film negative in a pen that Jiang Shuo picked up in the cemetery, which should be a group photo of people.

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