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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 11 Recap

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng searched for Yuan Muqing’s heart, but they couldn’t figure out where Yuan Muqing could go at this time. They could only come to the police station to find Sergeant Bai, and Sergeant Bai showed up about Yuan Muqing’s kidnapping. The case, this is a high-level secret. One of the people who was secretly shot was the senior staff officer, but this person was killed after leaking secrets. Sheriff Bai told them that they could ask the brother of Staff Officer Bai. At this time, people in the compound came to tell Jiang Shuo that Yuan Muqing had been found by Qin Yiheng’s secretary Shisanniang. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng parted ways and went back to the compound. , A younger brother who went to find the senior staff.

The younger brother of Senior Staff Officer was very vigilant, thinking that Qin Yiheng was a member of the Yuan family, and almost shut him out. Qin Yiheng quickly found another identity. In his remarks with Senior Staff Officer’s younger brother, Qin Yiheng learned that the death of Senior Staff Officer was different. The grievance, but Qin Yiheng has no way to know the truth. And they didn’t know that Hong Ye had already sent a letter to the superintendent of Yuan Dynasty, asking Yuan Zhen to see him alone, otherwise he would kill Yuan Mu Qing, Yuan Zhen was furious that no one would follow, and went straight out.

In the compound courtyard, Shisanniang had already lost the people in the compound courtyard, and waited for Lord Hong to send someone to take them away, and Qin Yiheng was also surrounded by the people in the courtyard by the man. Shisanniang took advantage of the chaos to give Qin Yiheng medicine. , Fainted him. At this time, Jiang Shuo was rescuing Yuan Muqing in Yuan Muqing’s house. Yuan Muqing showed love to Jiang Shuo in his house, and then married him in his house. All of this was almost what Jiang Shuo thought in his heart. He couldn’t bear it. Live immersed in it. It’s just that Jiang Shuo suddenly woke up when he saw the missing iron chain on Yuan Muqing’s ankle, but he had already entered Yuan Muqing, no, it should be Yuan Yi’s trap. Yuan Yi also told him that it was Yuan Muqing. His father killed his parents, Jiang Shuo worried that Yuan Yi wanted to possess Yuan Muqing’s consciousness, but he could not get out of Yuan Muqing’s heart.

Jiang Shuo looked for Yuan Muqing in the room, and after a long time he found the real Yuan Muqing. He assured Yuan Muqing that he would face all this with her. If she still does not want to leave, he will always accompany him in his heart. Holding her. The next moment Yuan Yi appeared in the room, he let Yuan Muqing kill himself, which caused Yuan Muqing to collapse, Jiang Shuo had no choice but to leave Yuan Muqing’s heart house first. The Yuanyuan Formation in the Dazhongyuan was not afraid of Lord Hong at all. He stood opposite to Lord Hong. Lord Hong threatened him with Yuan Muqing, and he reported the home addresses and relatives of all of Hong Ye’s men as threats. Compared with the threat of Yuan Zhen, everyone was shocked by the threat of Yuan Zhen, who actually killed the thirteen mothers of Hong Ye’s capable man and showed weakness to Yuan Zhen.

Hong Ye never thought that it would end like this. Just when Yuan Zhen was about to kill Hong Ye and never end his troubles, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng rushed out and stopped Yuan Zhen. They still needed Hong Ye to treat Yuan Mu. green. Before Hong Ye had reacted, Jiang Shuo hypnotized him with copper coins and entered Hong Ye’s heart with Qin Yiheng. In the heart of Hong Ye, he cooperated with Yuan Yi to frame Yuan Zhen, but Yuan Yi finally regretted it and decided to abandon their plan and let Hong Ye lead the people to retreat, but Hong Ye refused to let it go. After Yuan Muqing, he was all Hong Ye’s people. Yuan Yi couldn’t stop him for a while, and the army of Yuan formation stopped them again. They had no choice now.

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