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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 10 Recap

Yuan Muqing lost her mind and left, Jiang Shuo immediately climbed ashore to find Yuan Muqing, but Yuan Muqing kept walking forward, stupefied as if he saw his brother standing under the light looking at her, but disappeared again in an instant. After that, she kept whispering “three quarters at noon”. Jiang Shuo, who had finally caught up with Yuan Muqing, had to hug her aside first, and looked at Yuan Muqing’s fearful look. Jiang Shuo had no choice but to hypnotize Yuan Muqing and accompany her in her heart house.

In Yuan Muqing’s heart, there was only one slanting boulder, all around it was closed. Yuan Muqing’s defense mechanism was too strong, Jiang Shuo had no choice but to leave Yuan Muqing’s heart first. Jiang Shuo took Yuan Muqing to Qin Yiheng’s medical clinic, and then took Qin Yiheng into Yuan Muqing’s heart house. This time they found the hopscotch in Yuan Muqing’s heart house. They accidentally stepped on it during the stepping. to ten and one, and October is just today, Jiang Shuo door open behind him at this time.

It seems to be a photo studio inside. Jiang Shuo deliberately took a photo of Qin Yiheng, but the photo showed a picture of Jiang Shuo. In the other room, it turned out to be a photo of Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing, and there was even Jiang Shuo rescued. The strange thing about that scene is that there is something in Yuan Muqing’s heart that has not happened yet. Jiang Shuo didn’t know how to explain it, so he went into the next room with Qin Yiheng, but every next room was a picture of Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing, which seemed to be a deep maze. the darker, let Qinyi Heng Jiang Shuo photos in the room to find clues. In a few photos, there was a boy next to Yuan Muqing, who they had never seen before, and the boy who grew up was Yuan Muqing’s older brother Yuanyi.

Jiang Shuo just wanted to take down the photo frame, but he didn’t expect Yuan Muqing’s defense mechanism to be triggered. He could only find another way to get out. One of the doors had a sundial. This reminded Jiang Shuo of “Three quarters at noon” before Yuan Muqing fell into a coma “At this time, the door was successfully opened. Behind the door is still a room with picture frames, but Yuan Muqing and a man’s voice came from another door. Just as Jiang Shuo and the two wanted to open the door, Yuan Muqing and Yuan Yi appeared in front of them. Yuan Yi asked the two to take Yuan Muqing away, leaving him alone to fight against the “Hong Ye” who was chasing after him.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng followed Yuan Muqing to the place she had agreed with her brother, but they never waited for Yuan Yi. Jiang Shuo turned around to find Yuan Yi, but Yuan Yi was already dead, but Yuan Muqing could not come out anymore. Her delusion is likely to be violent. In order to treat Yuan Muqing’s illness, Qin Yiheng approached Yuan Muqing’s aunt. After understanding some of the content, they decided to return to Yuan Muqing’s heart house again to help Yuan Muqing accept the reality of Yuan Yi’s death.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng still failed to help Yuan Muqing in their hearts. When Yuan Muqing woke up again, they looked different. She said that she wanted to tell Jiang Shuo a secret, and Qin Yiheng went out. . Jiang Shuo thought that Yuan Muqing wanted to confess to him, but didn’t want to turn his head to pour water for her when he was knocked out by Yuan Muqing. When Qin Yiheng entered the room, Jiang Shuo had already fainted. After Yuan Muqing left, she met Qin Yiheng’s secretary on the road. She took the initiative to take Yuan Muqing to find Lord Hong, but Lord Hong’s men gave her a letter.

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