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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 8 Recap

Zhang Liqian burned the statue of God of Wealth in order to implement the plan of the resort. After hearing this, the villagers in Lingxiao were incredulous and talked about it. Zhao Zimo was furious and decided to sue Zhang Liqian. Such a sensational incident occurred in the simple village, Xia Xian hurriedly called a press conference to seek justice for the god of wealth. The reporters and online users at the scene almost blew up the pot. Zhang Liqian was hostile and brought a group of people to kick the pavilion! Zhao Zimo cast assists and successfully stabilized the scene.

Xiaqin took the opportunity to launch the “Auspicious God of Wealth” figure of God of Wealth. The number of pre-orders broke 10,000 in an instant, and the topic was successfully raised again. The place where Zhao Zimo and Zhang Liqian competed, the swimming pool of the Lingxiao Hotel, instantly turned into a tourist attraction, and a large number of tourists flooded in. The performance of the hotel grew with it. Zhang Liqian and his party came to the scene and destroyed, the scene was severely pushed, and Zhang Liqian was hit in the process. Fainted, lost breathing and heartbeat.

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