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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 9 Recap

Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen were dancing in the garden. They were sweet and happy. Xiaojian and Xu Shuhui were also naughty with them, but Master Shen saw this scene. Master Shen was very serious, and was angry that Shen Shijun had not visited him for many days when he went home. Shen Shijun thought Master Shen was always busy with work and retorted a few words to him. Master Shen asked Xiaojian if he had studied. Xiaojian said that it is better to travel thousands of miles to read thousands of books. Gu Manzhen taught him this sentence. Master Shen became even more angry when he heard that, and advanced the engagement date of Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi.

Shen Shijun resolutely opposed, he felt wronged by Gu Manzhen. Mrs. Shen made his favorite lettuce Yuanzi for Master Shen, hoping to help Shen Shijun’s marriage, but Master Shen mentioned Yuantai’s business. He took over the family business of his ancestors for so many years. He was busy outside every day. How difficult it was, he thought Mrs. Shen was a sensible person.

Mrs. Shen let Shen Shijun understand Master Shen. Shen Shijun said that his wings are not strong enough, and he still needs to rely on Master Shen for his family’s expenses. If he can be alone one day, he must go to Master Shen to make a clear distinction. Shen Shijun thought that the last thing he regretted was going to Shanghai. He asked Master Shen to make it clear that he was stopped by Mrs. Shen. Master Shen is now old and can’t stand anger.

Gu Manzhen called Gu Manlu on the phone. Gu Manlu was worried about Gu Manzhen. When Gu Manzhen said that the Shen family treated her well, she was relieved. Gu Manzhen held back tears and finished the call. Gu Manlu really thought that Gu Manzhen was going well in Shen’s house and told her mother that she was about to have a son-in-law.

Gu Manzhen was sitting on the swing. Someone pushed her on the swing from behind. She thought it was Shen Shijun, but Xu Shuhui unexpectedly. Xu Shuhui felt that he was of the same type as Gu Manzhen, and wealthy people like Shen Shijun wouldn’t like them. He actually alluded to Shi Cuizhi’s family.

Gu Manlu was so happy that he asked Zhu Hongcai to send her to the temple to pay her respects. Unexpectedly, Zhu Hongcai used Gu Manzhen’s horoscope to tell the fortune. He heard that Gu Manzhen was going to be with Shen Shijun, and wanted to make trouble. Xu Shuhui looked unhappy. Shen Shijun saw him. He wanted to attend Shen Shijun’s wedding as soon as possible and then return to Shanghai to work.

Shi Cuizhi watched her family name her wedding, she was very reluctant, thinking that she and Shen Shijun had disliked each other since childhood, and she firmly did not want to marry Shen Shijun. Qianru found the fish that Xiaojian was feeding. I heard that it was related to Gu Manzhen again. When she saw Gu Manzhen, she blamed him. She thought she wanted to climb the Shen family and said a lot of bad things.

Shen Shijun deliberately made a fool of herself in front of Shi Cuizhi and watched a movie to buy stinky tofu to eat. Shen Shijun saw a ruby ​​diamond ring and wanted to buy it for Gu Manzhen, but Shi Cuizhi did not expect to be snatched away. Xu Shuhui accompanied Gu Manzhen to the street to buy fish, but he thought it was not worth it. Gu Manzhen said that he only wanted to pursue what he wanted. Gu Manzhen asks Qianru to give Xiaojian to Xiaojian herself, but Qianru thinks that Gu Manzhen is trying to please Xiaojian. She takes the money to Gu Manzhen, but Gu Manzhen doesn’t collect anything, thinking that no amount of money can buy her sincerity to Xiaojian.

Xu Shuhui planned to buy a ticket back to Shanghai and asked Gu Manzhen if he wanted to go with him. Gu Manzhen agreed. Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi clarified that marriage is to marry the person she likes. Although Shi Cuizhi agrees with Shen Shijun’s ideas, she is proud and arrogant and promises to be on the same front with Shen Shijun not to be so easy.

Shen Shijun was angry and sad. He thought that Gu Manzhen gave up easily because he didn’t believe him. Gu Manzhen was separated by the door. She didn’t regret coming to Nanjing. She originally came with illusions, but she didn’t know how to go on. She still loved him very much.

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