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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 8 Recap

Shen Shijun’s sister-in-law, Qianru, could not understand Gu Manzhen. She thought that Gu Manzhen was not careful and roughed up Xiaojian. She even made her own way and told the Shi family that Shen Shijun was back. Qianru believes that Master Shen and the Shi family are family friends, and Master Shen also regards Shi Cuizhi as his favorite daughter-in-law. Shi Cuizhi is Qianru’s cousin and the best family background in Nanjing. Such a wife is hard to find with a lantern. Mrs. Shen accused Qianru of not discussing things with herself. She still hoped that Shen Shijun would find someone she likes to marry.

Shen Shijun wanted to take Gu Manzhen out to play, but Xiaojian insisted on playing with Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen had to stay and play games with Xiaojian. Shen Shijun was very disappointed, and always thinking of Gu Manzhen when going out with Xu Shuhui. Xu Shuhui said that looking at the attitude of Shen Shijun’s family, he thought it would be difficult for him and Gu Manzhen to be together, but Shen Shijun made a promise.

Mrs. Shen went to Gu Manzhen to chat, and gave her a red envelope to show that she had found a school for Xiaojian. Gu Manzhen didn’t want to take the money but couldn’t refuse, so he only gave the red envelope to Xiaojian to take him to realize his wish. Xu Shuhui was walking alone in the street and saw a pet dog barking on the bridge. He took the initiative to feed it. He didn’t expect to meet Shi Cuizhi, and the two did not know each other.

Xiaojian yelled at his uncle to make a swing, and his uncle laid out the house one by one, because Shi Cuizhi was coming at night. After Xiaojian heard about it, he said in front of Gu Manzhen that Shi Cuizhi was Shen Shijun’s girlfriend. Gu Manzhen still felt a little uncomfortable. Shen Shijun hurriedly coaxed Gu Manzhen. Although he and Shi Cuizhi were childhood sweethearts, he did not like Shi Cuizhi since he was a child, and Shi Cuizhi bullied him every time.

Shi Cuizhi came to Shen’s house and met Xu Shuhui. She bought a lot of gifts and sent them to Shi’s house. Mrs. Shen also gave Shi Cuizhi her fine old fur. Qianru deliberately said that Mrs. Shen gave it in front of Gu Manzhen. Fur is specially given to future daughter-in-law. Gu Manzhen praised Shi Cuizhi for her beauty. Shi Cuizhi gave her fur to Gu Manzhen, but Gu Manzhen sneezed and said she was allergic to fur. Shi Cuizhi felt very strange.

Liang Shu brought the fur that Shi Cuizhi gave to Gu Manzhen. Xu Shuhui knew that Shen Shijun’s childhood sweetheart was Shi Cuizhi. He was a little bit down, but Gu Manzhen saw it. Xu Shuhui asked Gu Manzhen not to pry into his heart.

Shi Cuizhi sent someone to drive Shen Shijun out to play, and Shen Shijun insisted on pulling Xu Shuhui with him. On the way, Gu Manzhen wanted to accompany Xiaojian to see a doctor, and Shen Shijun asked Xu Shuhui to attend the appointment alone. Xu Shuhui apologized to Shi Cuizhi for Shen Shijun. Shi Cuizhi had a good impression of Xu Shuhui and dragged him to play with him, and the two went boating together. Shi Cuizhi was emotional after mentioning Shen Shijun and almost fell off the boat. Fortunately, Xu Shuhui hugged her.

Shen Shijun asked Xiaojian to say good things in front of Gu Manzhen, but Xiaojian deliberately didn’t say it. Xu Shuhui sent Shi Cuizhi home. Shi Cuizhi’s mother didn’t give a good face when she saw Xu Shuhui, and Xu Shuhui also felt embarrassed. Qianru blamed Gu Manzhen for taking Xiaojian to the Confucius Temple, causing Xiaojian not to eat, thinking that they did not take care of Xiaojian, and even said that Xiaojian was ill in front of Mrs. Shen. Xiaojian deliberately pretended to be sick, just to protect the little goldfish he bought from being discovered by Qianru.

Qianru deliberately reminded him in front of Uncle Liang, asking him to think more about the marriage between Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi. Xiaojian wants to go out to play, thinking that the weather is good, which will help Xiaojian’s body and mood.

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