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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 7 Recap

My mother bought woolen yarn with great expense, believing that Gu Manlu is now blessed by Shi Jingxuan, she must have no worries about food and clothing. Shen Shijun inquired about Gu Manzhen’s residence but found nothing. However, Nanjing sent a telegram to Shen Shijun saying that his mother was seriously ill and Xu Shuhui helped Shen Shijun take a few days off in his name. Gu Manzhen wrote a note to Gu Manlu, indicating that she did not lose her job but her soul.

When Shen Shijun hesitated, he suddenly saw the red gloves presented by Gu Manzhen and planned to find her through a shop selling wool. Shen Shijun ran a lot of shops, and finally found the same woolen gloves in the last woolen shop. Unexpectedly, Gu Manlu was also in the shop. She saw Shen Shijun inquiring about 16 strands of wool. Gu Manlu once met Shen Shijun in Gu Manzhen’s photos. She leaned forward to talk to Shen Shijun, trying to help Gu Manzhen test Shen Shijun, but she did not expect Shen Shijun’s answer to satisfy her. Shen Shijun thought Gu Manlu was looking for herself to strike up a conversation, and he was not interested. Gu Manlu pretended to call Abao to leave and mentioned Gu Manzhen’s name. Shen Shijun was very excited when she heard it.

Gu Manzhen took the tram to the factory, and accidentally met his colleague Xiao Nie. Xiao Nie told her that Shen Shijun and Xu Shuhui were going back to Nanjing. Gu Manzhen was a little disappointed. When she returned home, Gu Manlu hurriedly took her upstairs and said that she helped her find her lost soul. Shen Shijun asked Gu Manzhen to go back to Nanjing with her. Gu Manzhen was a little worried. She was worried that she would not be recognized by his family. Shen Shijun hugged Gu Manzhen and wanted to kiss her, but his mother came and disturbed them.

When her mother saw that Shen Shijun was a big family, she greeted Shen Shijun to stay for dinner. Gu Manzhen felt a little embarrassed and took Shen Shijun out for a walk. As a result, the neighbors all the way were curious about who Shen Shijun was Gu Manzhen’s. Gu Manzhen looked at the people selling tofu brains on the street and said that she was an indecisive person. She was not ready and didn’t want to go back to Nanjing with Shen Shijun. Gu Manzhen mentioned that she was at a distance from Shen Shijun. She didn’t want to be so anxious. She hoped that she could wait, and she also found a new job as a tutor. But Shen Shijun said that he did not want to wait, and wanted to see Gu Manzhen every day after his marriage.

Gu Manzhen was still in despair after returning home. Gu Manlu saw it in his eyes. Gu Manzhen told Gu Manlu about Shen Shijun’s letting herself go home. Gu Manlu thought that he should not be so impulsive to go back with him. Gu Manlu mentioned her past with Zhang Yujin, and at the beginning he also identified the other party, but it turned out to be good fortune. She said that there is only one sister of Gu Manzhen, and marriage is not a matter of two people, but a matter of two families. Although Shen Shijun is very good, his family’s attitude is still uncertain.

Gu Manlu let Gu Manzhen use it to pursue happiness and let her lay down her burden. After the three came to Nanjing together, Gu Manzhen felt the exquisiteness of a good family in the south of the Yangtze River for the first time. Shen Shijun’s mother deliberately pretended to be sick and asked him to come back. She was surprised when she heard that Shen Shijun wanted to marry Gu Manzhen.

Shen Shijun’s nephew Xiaojian likes to play with Gu Manzhen, and Gu Manzhen had to say that she was the tutor Shen Shijun invited. Shen Shijun’s mother asked Xu Shuhui about Gu Manzhen. Xu Shuhui believed that although Gu Manzhen’s family was not as good as Shen Shijun, his character would never lose to celebrities. Gu Manzhen is a little scared now, she wants to try hard to reach Shen Shijun’s height, and she also really likes Shen Shijun.

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