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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 45 Recap

Hu Zhongqi arrived at Xuzhou Suppression Bandit Headquarters, secretly recorded the main deployment, and handed the information to Xia Jicheng, and ordered him to return to Shanghai immediately and send it to the central government via the Shanghai Intelligence Line.

The officers of the Second Penalty Division were all in embarrassment. Just after the messy situation of the people grabbing rice, they did not expect the First Penalty Division to take on a new task, and everyone was ready to go and assembled in the compound. Gu Yaodong noticed that Secretary Fang’s face was extremely bad, so he inquired about the situation from his mouth and learned that the telecommunication room had monitored the radio signal north of Fengyang Road. As a result, Zhong Baiming and Qi Shengping concealed something and refused to explain the specific location.

After hearing this, Gu Yaodong was worried. Whether it was due to organizational failures or accidents, he could only take risks at the moment, so he immediately rushed to a nearby bathhouse to change into casual clothes and put on a pistol, and called Shen Qinghe to drive to the Fengyang Road shop station to pick up. Leaving Shanghai at 7:30 without seeing anyone.

At the same time, Zhong Baiming specially recruited Zheng Xin, a sniper, in order to ensure the smooth operation. This man is capable and strong in appearance, and has rich practical experience, which should not be underestimated.

Gu Yaodong followed the prisoner all the way, and finally came to the abandoned hospital building north of Fengyang Road. Dozens of police cars arrived one after another, and all the police officers filed off. Xia Jicheng stood in front of the window and observed the outside, whispering dictated information, and when all the content was sent, he ordered the male telegrapher to leave by the side door, and he stayed here after the interruption.

The police officers quickly entered the interior of the old building, divided into two groups, followed Zhong Baiming and Zhao Zhiyong to search from the east and west. There was a water tower of the same height near the old building. Zheng Xin was lying on the top of the tower with a sniper rifle. He was searching the opposite side with a scope, and finally locked in the fire escape in the building, watching the male telegrapher carrying the suitcase. Hurry downstairs. Since Gu Yaodong did not stop using the flashlight to flash the stairs, Zheng Xin’s line of sight was frequently disturbed, and he never found the right opportunity to shoot.

Xia Jicheng found the figure on the top of the water tower on the opposite side and realized that the transmitter was in crisis. He simply hid in a corner invisible to Zheng Xin and found the right time to shoot outwards. Even though Zheng Xin was hidden from his side, his face was still bruised by bullets, and the male telegrapher also evacuated safely from the fire escape.

Zhong Baiming and Zhao Zhiyong joined together and swarmed in from the west stairs following the sound of gunfire. Gu Yaodong looked in the opposite direction and met Xia Jicheng head-on. Gu Yaodong couldn’t hide his joy, and stood beside him by the door, holding the pistol in the same posture, looking out.

The dark corridor was full of messy footsteps, flashlights shook around, and two teams of horses were kicking the door of the room one by one, searching one by one. Gu Yaodong saw that the other party was about to outflank the encirclement, so he pulled Xia Jicheng to escape along the water pipe, started a black car and left, letting Zhong Baiming and others rush out from the building to chase the rear of the car. It was still useless, but Zheng Xin quickly aimed at the car. , A bullet hit the front glass of the driver’s seat.

Shen Qinghe waited near the Fengyang Road tram station, but did not see Gu Yaodong showing up, and simply drove the truck back to the old apartment where he found the man standing on the balcony. Shen Qinghe subconsciously regarded him as Gu Yaodong, and when the man turned around, he could see that the person in front of him was Xia Jicheng, and he was a little stunned for a while.

As it was about the battle north of the Yangtze River, Xia Jicheng decided to split the intelligence into sections and send them in batches, each time ending within ten minutes. Shen Qinghe thought of Zhou Mingpei, and promised to find a suitable transmitter for him. Xia Jicheng also considered that Gu Yaodong was shot, so he hoped that the next three would complete a scene together. Although the gunshot wound itself was not serious, the consequences were Unaffordable.

Before leaving, Shen Qinghe revealed the relationship between her and Gu Yaodong, and completely let go of Xia Jicheng. When I returned to Fu’an Lane, the street lights were already off. Only Gu Yaodong’s house was shining in the whole alley. Shen Qinghe walked to the door and looked up. It was still Gu Yaodong who placed a table lamp next to the balcony, which was just enough to illuminate the surroundings and make her double Feeling solid and warm.

The next morning, the technician painted the portrait of the dispatcher according to Zheng Xin’s description. The police department issued a secret search order and ordered the police officer to find people based on the portrait. Zhong Baiming led the people to find the abandoned black car. Bullet holes and blood stains were also found on the driver’s seat. Based on the location and trajectory, it was speculated that the wound should be on the shoulder or upper arm.

It happened that Gu Yaodong lied about having a fever and asked for sick leave. Zhong Baiming realized the problem and was about to take Zhao Zhiyong to “visit” Gu Yaodong. Unexpectedly, he was stopped by Secretary Fang and invited him to the deputy director’s office to meet a distinguished guest. Zhong Baiming couldn’t refuse, so he had to go with him. It turned out that Qi Shengping and Xia Jicheng were sitting on the sofa talking and laughing. The familiar relationship between the two made Zhong Baiming who was standing next to him even more embarrassed.

News of Xia Jicheng’s return to Shanghai spread all over the police station, and the entire Xing Er Office was almost exploded. Everyone carefully arranged their outfits and stood in the corridor with anxiety and excitement. Li Qikun conveyed everyone’s intentions and wanted to invite Xia Jicheng to dinner, but Xia Jicheng refused on the grounds of hasty time, making everyone quite disappointed.

Zhong Baiming noticed that Xia Jicheng seemed to have a shoulder injury, but taking into account Gu Yaodong’s relationship, he then ordered Zhao Zhiyong to test Gu Yaodong. Zhao Zhiyong came to visit Gu Yaodong with nutritional supplements. The two of them seemed to be back to the past and could laugh without hesitation. However, Zhao Zhiyong had not forgotten the task of coming to Gu’s family. He hesitantly reached out and held Gu Yaodong’s left shoulder and found that the other party had nothing. In the same way, he was relieved immediately.

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