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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 45 Recap

Xiao Yanyan escorted Princess Ji into the hall, and Princess Ji was stubborn. Yanyan asked Liang Ge to give a glass of wine to Princess Ji. She watched Princess Ji drink the poisoned wine, and it was considered that the case in Wuguli had been real.

Three years later, Xiao Yanyan worshipped Wuguli devoutly. Han Derang came to see Xiao Yanyan. He always wore the wind chime around his waist, and Xiao Yanyan also kept the wind chime. It has been three years since Wuguli. Hu Yan’s correspondence with Xiao Yanyan in the past three years has always been only government affairs. Xiao Yanyan has always been heartbroken, and Han Dejang also sends a soothing fragrance every year today to lighten the pain in Yanyan’s heart. .

The lord is an adult, but the wolves are still moving in the court hall. Since Xiao Yanyan ordered to gather the power of the various ministries, the clan has been full of complaints, and the clan headed by Hugu has refused to hand over the power, and now Han Derang has become Prime Minister, he still suffers from Hugu’s group of people making things difficult. Xiao Yanyan is preparing to put a banquet in the palace of Handejang’s birthday to celebrate Handejang.

As the father of the prime minister, Han Dejang is naturally able to bear the gift. Xiao Yanyan did this. It was because of Hande’s rejection of the injustice, and the second was to let those stubborn veterans understand who the Daliao belonged to, and how the courtesy of the emperor was a etiquette.

In the north, Xiao Hunian rode a horse to the lake to relax. He happened to meet a man who was brushing his horse in the lake. His name was Tatlan Abo. At this time, Hu Nian’s horse was suddenly frightened, Hu Nian fell from the horse’s back, and Tatlan Abo quickly stepped forward to help Hu Nian. After asking Hu Nian’s name, Tatlan Abo yelled “Little Hu Nian” affectionately, and Hu Nian couldn’t help but think of King Taiping. Tatlan Abo didn’t know Hu Nian’s identity at first, but when he learned that Hu Nian was the imperial concubine, he only asked Hu Nian to find him in the tribe across the lake tomorrow, as if he had just saved Hu Nian as a gift.

Hu Gu came to repay the injustice with the lord Longxu. He instigated the relationship between the lord and Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan. Longxu couldn’t help being furious when he heard Hu Gu’s instigation. Han Derang was the auxiliary minister left by the first emperor. Remembering Yeluxian’s last words, respecting Han Dejang as his father, he told Hu Gu to stop mentioning these words in the future. He knows Hu Gu is loyal, but Han Dejang has no fault. Hu Gu should stand with him and take Jiangshan Sheji as his Respect Han Dejang as your own responsibility. Later, Hu Gu wanted to let Longxu Li, who knew that Li Hou was closely related to Jiangshan. He said that he needed to discuss this matter with the Queen Mother and Han Xiang.

Hu Gu was about to force Handerang to leave Beijing. After Handerang returned to the mansion, Mrs. Han mentioned that Handerang often went to the palace to see Xiao Yanyan, and wanted to know what Handerang planned. Handejang said that he and Yanyan have identities. It is impossible for him and Yanyan. Mrs. Han is very dissatisfied with the way Hande lets this look forward and backwards. She asks Handejang to chase after she likes it. While the two are still young, they can enjoy it for a few years. day. When the two were talking, the daughter Bodhisattva Xiao Weiyin came to Han Mansion, and she coaxed Madam Han to be happy.

Xiao Yanyan specially prepared the meat for the birthday banquet of Handejang. Liang brother joked that Xiao Yanyan attached great importance to Handejang, saying that Handejang was also worthy of Xiao Yanyan’s thoughts. Handejang has been living alone for so many years. He rejected most of the good women. The reason for this is self-evident. Xiao Yanyan asked Liang Brother to go down first. She remembered how she and Han Derong had made love to Yan Yuntai, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

The next day, Hu Nian came to the tribe and saw Daran Abo. When she came, she saw Daruan Abo dancing with a woman. After seeing Hu Nian, Hu Nian immediately came to Hu Nian. Seeing that Hu Nian came by herself, Dalan Abo did not regard Hu Nian as the imperial concubine, but regarded her as her most noble guest. She took Hu Nian by the hand and went to the most lively place in the tribe, pointing to In the game before him, he said that he decided to participate for the girl he likes, and as long as he wins the game, he can take away the girl he likes most.

Dalan Abo is very skillful. He rode a horse to win the first place, and handed the winning red ribbon to a young girl named Oman, but put the wreath that Oman gave him on Hu Nian’s head. Hu Nian Passing by him, he took away his heart, and Hu Nian was his favorite girl. After that, Dalan Abo and Hu Nian rode horses galloping across the vast grassland.

A banquet was held in the palace to celebrate Hande’s birthday, and Hu Gu raised his cup reluctantly to celebrate Hande’s birthday. Xiao Yanyan mentioned that Long Xu was a junior, so Long Xu took his younger brothers and sisters to celebrate Han Dejang’s birthday. Hu Gu was even more angry and threw his chopsticks. Han Derang thought this was not in accordance with the law, but Xiao Yanyan insisted. Long Xu led his younger siblings to come forward to congratulate him on his birthday. He gave his gift, and Xiao Yanyan also gave the gift and gave Orudo’s soldier talisman.

Orduo’s military amulet has always been in the charge of the clan, Hugu firmly disagrees, Oroduo must not fall into the hands of outsiders. Xiao Yanyan confronted Hugu. Hande Rang wanted to return to the soldier talisman. Xiao Yanyan mentioned that he was in charge of the first emperor’s military power. Hande Rang no longer refused to refuse. Hande Rang had to accept the soldier talisman. Longxu’s eyes at the banquet kept looking for Bodhisattva and to Bodhisattva. Quite a good impression.

At night, Xiao Yanyan talked to Longxu about the candidate for the future. She hoped that Longxu could choose a person she liked. Longxu mentioned Bodhisattva, and Xiao Yanyan also praised Bodhisattva, knowing that Longxu had already taken a fancy to the birthday banquet. Brother Bodhisattva. Longxu presented the cakes as a tribute from the Bohai Ministry. Xiao Yanyan tasted good. She ordered some cakes to Hanxiang’s Mansion.

Long Xu knew that Xiao Yanyan had not been easy over the years. He mentioned Yelvxian’s last wish, hoping that Xiao Yanyan would live from his heart. If Xiao Yanyan liked Handerang, he also hoped to see the two come together. The two people’s affection towards each other is all in sight. He knows Xiao Yanyan’s concerns, but ordinary women can change their marriage and marry. What fear does Xiao Yanyan have as a queen mother, even if the whole world opposes Xiao Yanyan, he will stand still Behind Xiao Yanyan.

Dalan Abo and Hu Nian talked together on the grassland. Hu Nian envied that Dalan Abo can live freely. She is very happy today because of Dalan Abo, but she has no way to stay. She still has her responsibility. She wants to protect her sister and the world. Daruan Abo wanted to know when Hu Nian could live for herself. Hu Nian wanted Daruan Abo to go back with her, to be her guard and general, so that the two could be together every day. Daran Abo was used to being free, but he liked Hu Nian, so he was willing to go back with Hu Nian and be her general.

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