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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 44 Recap

Princess Ji gave a mandarin duck pot, and the mechanism was at the bottom of the pot. With this mandarin duck pot, whether the fine wine or poisoned wine was poured out at the banquet, it was all in the black bones. A handmaid knew that Princess Ji had sent a good gift. She asked Princess Ji’s handmaid Shiso about it. She knew that Princess Ji had sent a hip flask. She suspected that there was a fraud, so she sent the news while it was dark.

Wu Guli handed the wine jug to Gui Yin, and she told Gui Yin about the agency and asked Gui Yin to pour wine for her and Xiao Yanyan at the family dinner tomorrow. With this arrangement in Wuguli, the king of Shu is also preparing to profit from the fisherman. He makes people strictly guard at the gate of the Zhao Wang Mansion. If Xiao Yanyan has an accident tomorrow, they will rush into the mansion and kill the Queen Zhao to avenge the Queen Mother. If Xiao Yanyan is safe and sound. They just stood still.

The next day, Xiao Yanyan came to Zhao Wang’s Mansion. The three sisters sat at the table together, and the three drank together. Hu Nian mentioned that his mother’s birthday was approaching, and planned to worship her together. After that, Wuguli ordered Guiyu to pour the wine. Guiying’s hands shook because of fear, but Wuguli stepped forward to pour the wine for Yanyan and offered Yanyan a glass of wine. When Xiao Yanyan was about to drink the poisonous wine, Han Derang came to stop Xiao Yanyan, saying that the wine was poisonous.

Wuguli refused to admit it, she drank her glass of wine in public, saying that Handejean was instigating. Handreang saw through the trick in the black bones, he asked the black bones to drink Xiao Yanyan’s glass of wine, and if there was nothing wrong with the black bones, he let the black bones handle it.

Wuguli refused to drink Xiao Yanyan’s glass of wine, Han Dejang broke through the secret of the mandarin duck pot, seeing the tricks revealed in the black bone, she killed her own maid, and wanted to kill Yanyan, Han Deran took the black bone directly under. Yanyan still couldn’t believe that Wuguli would kill her. She asked Hande to go out first, leaving only the three of their sisters in the room. Neither Xiao Yanyan nor Hu Nian expected that Wu Guli would be so cruel. Wu Guli always had a grudge about the death of Xiyin and Liu Lishou. She regretted saving Xiao Yanyan on the high platform back then. Xiao Yanyan was completely chilled. She regarded Wuguli as a good sister, but Wuguli was looking forward to her death day and night.

Today, Wuguli murdered the queen mother, Yanyan did not have any sisterhood to Wuguli. It’s not uncommon to lead Yanyan’s love, she just wants Yanyan to kill her by herself. Hu Nian wanted to stop the two people who were unconscious, but she hadn’t missed the sisterhood for a long time. She also mentioned that the arrow that shot the Taiping King back then was shot by Xiao Yanyan, picking up Yanyan and Hu Nian. feeling.

Since Wuguli didn’t know how to repent, Yanyan didn’t want to be merciful anymore. Hu Xian knelt and begged Yanyan to let Yanyan let go of the black bone. But the black bone was not rare, she stepped forward and drank the poisoned wine. Hu Nian cried and hugged Wu Gu Li. Xiao Yanyan didn’t really want to kill Wu Gu Li. She was also very heartbroken about Wu Gu Li’s death. Before Wu Gu Li died, she only left a word to make Hu Nian stop believing. Yan Yan.

When Princess Ji knew that the matter had been revealed, she killed Perilla to kill her, and she hated Handerang even more in her heart. Handerang brought up the case of Princess Zhao, thinking that although Princess Zhao and Princess Ji had conspired the matter, King Shu, who was behind them, wanted to take advantage of the fisherman. King Shu has always been ambitious, and Handerang knew that he had to report to Yanyan as soon as possible. , But he was worried that Yanyan had no intention of thinking about these affairs.

Xiao Yanyan stayed awake all night because of the black bones, and Han Deran came to see Xiao Yanyan the next day. He knew that Xiao Yanyan felt uncomfortable in her heart, but Xiao Yanyan didn’t know the fault. Xiao Yanyan didn’t know who else was trustworthy by her side, and who would never change. Xiao Yanyan was relieved by Han Derang’s words “he won’t”. Afterwards, Han De-jang urged the king of Shu to take advantage of the benefits of the fisherman, and Yanyan prepared to send the imperial physician to the mansion of the king of Shu to trap the king of Shu, who was pretending to be ill, in Beijing.

Hu Yan has always been reluctant to see Yanyan, and Yanyan can’t face Wuguli. Han Derang comes to mourn Wuguli, hoping that Huyan will mourn. Hu Yan believed that Wuguli was forced to death by Han Derang and Yanyan, and Han Derang did not excuse him. He would not tolerate anyone who harmed Yanyan. If that day, Han Dejang came one step later, it would be Yanyan who died, and Han Dejang hoped that Hu Nian would remember that Yanyan was also her sister. Hu Nian didn’t know why the three sisters had come to this stage. She shed tears. Han De asked Hu Nian not to blame Yanyan. Hu Nian took all the mistakes on her body. She was tired of fighting for power, and she went to Beijing. Without her home, she plans to return to the north.

Xiao Yanyan received Hu Nian’s memorial for returning to the north. Hu Nian said in the memorial that she was homeless in Beijing. Xiao Yanyan couldn’t help but feel sad. Although she wanted to keep Hu Nian, she knew Hu Nian’s determination and was willing to let Hu Nian. Back to the north. When Hu Nian left, Xiao Yanyan came to send Hu Nian to let Hu Nian take good care of herself. The two sisters are full of life and can never return to their original intimacy.

Xiao Yanyan came to the residence of the King of Shu. Her words were full of warning to the King of Shu and debunked that the secret of the King of Shu had seen Princess Zhao and Princess Ji. The day before the accident, the King of Shu secretly sent troops. King Shu relied on her own identity and believed that Yanyan did not dare to move herself, but Yanyan imposed it with authority. She threatened King Shu’s children and grandchildren and asked King Shu to take poison to kill herself. This was what King Shu did for him. The price to paid.

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