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Wu Xing Shi Jia (2021) 五行世家

Wu Xing Shi Jia (2021)
Other Title: 五行世家, Five Great Thieves , 五大贼王 , Wu Da Zei Wang

Genres: drama, Action, Adventure, Historical, Fantasy
Ju Xing Mao
Release Date: 
Related Show:
Based on the novel Wu Da Zei Wang by Zhang Hai Fan


  • Darren Wang as Huo Xiao Xie
  • Ren Min as Shui Yao Er
  • Wang Xiu Zhu as Hei San Bian
  • Tan Xiao Fan as Lin Wan
  • Rolling Wang as Yan Jing Tian
  • Zhang Yong Gang as Fourth Master Zhang

In the early years of the Republic of China, the warlords ruled and the world was in chaos. The mysterious treasure jade beads tracked by tens of thousands of people appeared in the rivers and lakes. It is rumored that the clues of the “five elements holy kings” symbolizing the throne were sealed. Around the jade beads and the “Holy King Ding”, the revolutionaries and progressive students launched a campaign to protect national treasures.

The Central Plains martial arts headed by the Five Elements family responded positively and determined to eradicate Zhang Siye and Zhang Siye, who are committed to restoration and regression. The Japanese Black Dragon Association that robbed China’s national treasure. Huo Xiaoxie was caught up in it by mistakes, protecting the national treasure all the way, all kinds of difficulties, dangers, and all kinds of dangers. He used his kindness, justice, cleverness and alertness to overcome the difficulties, and finally integrated the family of the five elements, making the family of the five elements ” A reliable force in the revolutionary struggle to expel the Tartars and restore China.

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