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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 42 Recap

In Changning Palace, Xiao Yanyan came to visit Yu Xiao, but Yu Xiao had already returned to God, and she left a letter to Xiao Yanyan. In the letter, Yu Xiao knew that she was a weak and incompetent person. She couldn’t bear Ye Luxian walking alone on the road, so she decided to accompany Ye Luxian with a glass of poisoned wine. Yu Xiao loves the pharmacist slave, but loves Yelvxian more. She gives the pharmacist slave to Xiao Yanyan, knowing that Xiao Yanyan will take good care of the pharmacist slave. As a result, Yu Xiao was also relieved, Xiao Yanyan’s kindness, she would repay her in the next life.

After the death of Xiyin and Liulishou, Wuguli had been guarding the two coffins, and Hu Nian came to visit Wuguli and offered incense for the two. Now that the entire Upper Kyoto is busy with Yeluxian’s funeral, only Hu Nian remembers her, and Hu Nian comforts Wuguli. Now Yanyan is busy with her government affairs and can’t get out of her body at all, so she just asks her to come and tell her on her behalf. Wu Guli had been misunderstanding Yanyan, and Hu Nian explained to Wu Guli. At that time, it was Yanyan who asked Hu Nian to take Wuguli to persuade Liu Lishou, and she also told her to save the lives of her father and son, but she never expected this situation to be caused. Black bones didn’t believe in Yanyan at all, she and Xiao Yanyan had broken up with sisters.

Wu Guli was out in the humble car in the middle of the night, and Xie Zhen noticed Wu Gu Li. When he was about to check with A Gu, he was interrupted by Xiao Hailan. After Xie Zhen and Xiao Hailan talked for a few words, the carriage in the bones disappeared. He couldn’t explain to Xiao Hailan, so he had to take Xiao Hailan to chase after him. Wu Guli came to see King Shu in the middle of the night. She mentioned the words and deeds of King Shu on Jiaoshan that day, and wanted to use Zhao’s mansion to support King Shu to seize the throne.

The king of Shu was persuaded by Wu Guli, and he decided to use military advice to force Xiao Yanyan to let Long Xu give up the throne. Xiao Yanyan has the elite of the leather army, and the king of Shu is quite worried. Wuguli asked the king of Shu to give her a promise, and she handed over Li and Hu’s line of palace guards. King Shu knew that this matter was of great importance, and decided to consider it before agreeing to Wuguli.

Xie Zhen and Wu Guli saw King Shu send Wu Gu Li out of the house. The two did not hear what Wu Gu Li and King Shu said. After Xie Zhen asked Xiao Hailan to return to the palace, he must report this to Xiao Yanyan. Seeing Xie Zhen’s serious look, Xiao Hailan was a little surprised. Afterwards, Wuguli returned to the mansion and Princess Ji visited.

She mentioned the military power in Wuguli and persuaded Wuguli to use the military power to lift the capital to the sky. The talk between Wu Guli and King Shu did not go smoothly tonight. Princess Ji said that she could help Wu Guli persuade the kings, and the two would have a chance of winning an alliance.

The next day, Xiao Yanyan called for Han Derang, and she mentioned Wuguli’s night visit to the King of Shu. Hande let know that Wuguli had military power in his hands. If she united with the kings to rebel, it would definitely bring great setback to Daliao. Han Derang wanted to suppress the severity, he asked Yanyan to issue an edict to prohibit private gatherings and night walks in Beijing, and cut off the communication between the kings. Today, it is also the King of Shu and King Wu that can make waves. Although the three of them did not succeed but failed, they need to beware of the three of them joining forces.

For this reason, Han Deran gave Yanyan an idea and asked Yanyan to take Long Xu to visit the house in person. As long as the two of them acted together, they would first defeat their courage and break the game. At this moment, Long Xu came to the study, Yanyan raised Yelvxian’s last wish, and asked Long Xu to respect Han Deran as the father of the father, respecting Han Deran like Yelvxian.

Xiao Yanyan and Long Xu came to the residence of the King of Shu. In her words, she deliberately reminded the King of Shu not to be greedy for a position that he shouldn’t. Only when the first emperor benevolent and ethical administration has the scenery of today’s kings, she also made many young children in the Shu family After entering the palace to accompany Long Xu to study, the young children were overjoyed and knelt down to thank you. After Xiao Yanyan and Long Xu left, Princess Shu mentioned the current situation to King Shu. She believed that Xiao Yanyan was right. She persuaded King Shu to give up the idea of ​​seizing the throne. King Shu also believed that it was indeed not a good time, so she decided to think twice. .

After coming out of the Shu Palace, Xiao Yanyan and Long Xu came to the Pingwang Academy, where the soldiers of the Ping Palace had a battle with the Pishi army. Naturally, the chance of victory was self-evident. All three were persuaded by Xiao Yanyan, and the next was Princess Zhao. When Xiao Yanyan mentioned Wu Gu Li, she had a headache. She decided to have a good talk with Wu Gu Li after some careful consideration.

Concubine Ji knew that the three kings were retreating. She and Wu Guli decided to start with Yeluhugu and let Yeluhugu use them. At this time, Hu Nian came to the Zhao Palace, and Princess Ji left first. Hu Nian hoped that Wu Guli could let go of this matter, but Wu Guli could not let go. She asked Hu Nian to return to Kedun City, she and Yan Yan early He is no longer a child who needs Hu Nian’s care, and Hu Nian has really put down the death of Wang Sa Ge in his heart.

When Princess Ji came to see Hu Gu, she mentioned the current scenery of Handerang, and Longxu also respected Handerang as his father. Their Khitan master actually recognized a slave under the account as his father. Tiger Gu was initially angry, and Princess Ji continued to add fuel and jealousy. It is said that Han Dejang and Xiao Yanyan have had an affair for a long time, this is all the big conspiracy over the years. Hu Gu had a partial belief in Princess Ji, and decided not to stay with Handerang.

Mo Lugu oppressed the southerners. Although Yanyan had already promulgated that southerners could become naturalized states and counties, and no longer need to be slaves to the accounts, Mo Lugu despised Wang Fa and captured all the southerners. Mo Lu Gu was the son of Hu Gu, and Han De asked Hu Gu to blame, but Hu Gu did not panic.

Xiao Yanyan came to Zhao Wang’s Mansion with a confession in her bones. Xiao Yanyan also apologized to her because she did not keep Xiyin.

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