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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 41 Recap

Ye Luxian wanted to go on tour, even if he died, he would die on horseback, not in the deep palace. Xiao Yanyan knew Yelvxian’s wish, and she was willing to agree to Yelvxian and immediately arrange the tour. Qiu Nabo is about to arrive, Yeluxian summoned his officials. He knows that this autumn is his last tour. Hand let knows the reason why Yeluxian is so prosperous. He wants to eliminate the troubles and find out that he wants to emulate the changes in Montenegro.

The unruly person who changed the Hexiang Gushan. As the monarch of the Liao Dynasty, Yelvxian nowadays some of the old rules and bad habits of the Liao Dynasty can be completely eliminated except for Yelvxian. He does not want to see the suffering of flesh and blood disputes and the pain of Xiaoqiang. He also believes that there are many With the loyal ministers, everyone will surely protect the Liao Dynasty from generation to generation.

Xiao Yanyan cared about family love, but Xiyin’s conspiracy for rebellion has never been severed. Yelvxian ordered to lay a good soldier and prepare for a tough battle. Xiao Yanyan wanted to take Wuguli with her in the autumn. She was afraid that Wuguli would be instigated by Xiyin to cause trouble, but she was unwilling to make an order to force Wuguli. Hu Nian knew Xiao Yanyan’s concerns, so she decided to go. Persuade Wu Gu Li, let Wu Gu Li accompany them. No matter what, Xiao Yanyan hopes that the three will be good sisters forever, and this sisterhood will never be broken.

Hu Nian came to Wuguli, she persuaded Wuguli to go to Jiaoshan together. Wuguli was unwilling, but Hu Nian intentionally said that if Wuguli had a good relationship with Yanyan, Yanyan would have a great chance in the future. May feel relieved and come back. After all, Hu Nian does not want to see Wu Guli unhappy. Yanyan is a younger sister, and Wu Guli is also her sister. Wu Guli has always listened to what Hu Nian said. Now when Hu Nian said it, Wu Guli also had hope in her heart. Decided to go to Jiaoshan together.

Wuguli went to Jiaoshan. She wanted to let Liulishou go with her, but Liulishou wanted to stay in Shangjing. Wuguli didn’t think much about it, and only told Liulishou to take good care of herself. Unexpectedly, after leaving Wuguli, Liu Lishou began to seek rebellion. He gathered all the soldiers and horses in the mansion and was ready to capture Shangjing immediately. He was caught off guard by Xie Zhen, and then he would pick up Xiyin from Mingzhou.

Liu Lishou was acting in the upper capital. The news reached Yelvxian. Yelvxian was very angry and decided not to stay Xiyin anymore. Xiao Yanyan interceded with Yelvxian for Wuguli, and Yelvxian decided to give Xiyin only one chance. If Xiyin insisted on making mistakes again, he would never spare Xiyin. In order to protect the longevity, Yanyan had to tell Hu Nian the news, and she asked Hu Nian to take Wuguli back to Beijing and persuade her to stay for longevity earlier, which might be able to save the longevity.

Ruurisu naively led his people into the palace. He planned to occupy the palace first, and then let the Minister of the Chinese military surrender to him, and then take Xiyin back to Beijing to ascend the throne. When Liu Lishou entered the city, Xie Zhen ordered people to trap Liu Lishou and brought Xiyin back from Zuzhou. He let the two of them suffer quickly and they could spare both of them. Liu Lishou was proud and arrogant.

He refused to accept the surrender. Instead, a few people prepared to fight Xie Zhen desperately. He stood on the wall and ordered people to shoot arrows. He had no intention of taking Liu Lishou’s life by Yan Yan’s order. , Just to force him to dismount, but Liu Lishou was still hit among the arrows. Hidden seeing that Ru Lishou was injured, he fought fiercely with the soldiers. The father and son resisted stubbornly and eventually died in the arrows. .

The downpour has been scouring the blood, Xiyin and Liuli end up paying the price for their ambitions, and Wuguli and Hu Jian were still a step late when they arrived. Xiyin protected Liulishou and died in chaos. In the arrow, Wuguli cried and came to Xiyin’s side. Seeing the father and son in front of him, Wuguli couldn’t make a sound. Before he died, Xiyin said that he was sorry Wuguli, because he had harmed Liulishou and this family.

Ye Luxian passed on the throne to the king of Liang Liangxu on the order of civil and military officials, and Xiao Yanyan was in power. After that, Ye Luxian left King Liang, Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan alone. Ye Luxian would tell King Liang about the way of the king, and Han Deran was the person he and Yanyan trusted the most in this life. King Liang respected Han Derang as he needed to respect him. From now on, we need to treat each other with sincerity, and we must not let down the half point.

He believes that Liang Wangding can become a great king. After King Liang left, Xiao Yanyan held Yelvxian’s hand tightly. She shed tears. Yelvxian didn’t want to see Yanyan’s tears. He looked at Han Derang on the side and said that he had forcibly left Yanyan by his side for his own desires. ,

It was he who failed the two of them, but the two of them had never failed him. Daliao could have today, and he deeply thanked them. Handerang had already put aside the things of the year, and he assured Yelvxian that he would help the young master well. Daliao will face the situation where Long Xu is young and the queen is a new widow. Ye Luxian entrusts Yanyan and Long Xu to Han Deren, and he also hopes that Yanyan can do everything he wants after he leaves. When the words fell, Ye Luxian handed Yanyan’s hand to Han Derang, and closed his eyes, ending his life.

In the fourth year of Qianheng, Yelvxian of Liao Jingzong died of illness in Jiaoshan, Yunzhou, at the age of 35. In the same year, Liang Wang Yelulongxu ascended the throne, changed Yuan Tonghe, and the temple was named Liao Shengzong. In King Yan’s Mansion, Han Kuangsi was lying on the bed. Now his deadline has come. Mrs. Han has been with Han Kuangsi. The two have just learned about the Lord Bintian’s news. Han Kuangsi asked Mrs. Han to wait for the news of his passing The government told him again that at this time Derang must be in his business. When Han Kuangsi met Mingjun, he followed his life with no wish and no regrets, and only wished to be with Yelvxian by different paths.

In Jiaoshan, Xiao Yanyan and Long Xu went to the court together, Long Xu sat in the throne of the emperor, and Yan Yan sat aside. When the ministers were about to worship, Yelu Daoyin, the king of Shu, opposed the succession to the throne of the young lord. Daliao had no precedent for the succession of the young lord. He believed that the emperor should be given to a capable person. King Liang was too young to sit on this emperor. The bit.

For a time there was a lot of discussion in the court hall. Xiao Yanyan had expected that the prince would refuse to accept it. Han Derang also led his troops to the court hall at this time. He led his officials to welcome the new monarch to the throne. Even if Yelu Daoyin and his party were not convinced, they could only Kneeling to welcome the new king to the throne.

Going to the capital, Xiao Yanyan looked at the map of the Khitan geography and told Han Deran that the Southern Dynasty monarch was bound to change. Handejang believes that after at least a year and a half after the Southern Lord’s change, the hardest thing for Daliao to bear today is not the external worry, but the internal trouble. When the two were discussing, Han Derang learned the news of his father’s return to heaven. Xiao Yanyan did not expect that it would be so suddenly that Han Kuangsi returned to heaven with the Lord, and his loyalty was unmatched.

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