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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 40 Recap

After Lang left in the black bones, he was willing to come out to see Hu Nian. Lang said that she was just a hundred taels of silver for her pleasure, but did not expect that she would kill Brother Qing.

In the court hall, Hu Gu asked Yan Yan to stop. Han Deran was no more than an envoy to the Southern Privy Council. As the clan, they couldn’t tolerate Yan Yan to continue investigating the case. If Yanyan insisted on doing her own way, the soldiers of his Sixth Academy were not vegetarian. As the queen regent, Yanyan has a master, and Hu Gu asked to talk to Yelvxian. At this moment, Ye Luxian appeared in front of the hall, and he fought Yanyan, but Hu Gu refused to give up and asked the two to give a search deadline. The two were trying to crush Hugu, but Hu Nian brought Lang to the court, saying that the murderer had been found, and that it was the wine she sent to Hanfu that day.

Lange was a slave girl in the Zhao Palace. At that time, the housekeeper in the house found her and asked her to deliver the wine. She was willing to let her eat and drink well, but she never thought that the wine was poisonous, and Qing Ge died because of her. The real culprit of the matter was self-evident, but Xi Yin refused to admit it, and even the female slave wanted to convict him, so why did he kill Li Sier. When Jing Lang mentioned it, Han Derang knew why Xiyin wanted to rush him. That day, Xiyin drew him into a cruel hand, just for fear that he would leak out Xiyin’s wolf ambition. Xiyin cried out for injustice, Yanyan only ordered people to take Xiyin away, not giving Xiyin any chance to refute.

Xiyin was imprisoned, and Wuguli took Liulishou to ask Yanyan, but Yanyan did not see Wuguli. Wu Guli had no choice but to ask Hu Nian instead. She believed that Hu Nian would definitely not watch her lose her husband or watch Ru Lishou lose her father. Hu Nian was planning to go into the palace to see Yanyan, but when Wu Guli came to the mansion, he cried and begged Hu Nian. Liu Lishou looked at Wu Guli lowering his posture and begging everywhere. He pulled Wu Guli and wanted to leave.

He thought that Hu Nian wouldn’t help them at all, he was a descendant of A Baoji, even if he died, he would stand to die. Wu Guli was angry and slapped Liu Lishou, and continued to beg Hu Nian. Hu Nian made Wu Guli repeatedly ensure that Xi Yin would not commit such a capital crime, and she planned to go to the palace to ask Yan Yan to stay Xi Yin. Wu Guli was still stubborn at this moment, she only thought that if Xi Yin was alive, she still had a chance.

Hu Nian entered the palace to intercede with Yanyan. Yanyan hated Xiyin to the extreme. She had spared Xiyin’s life last time, but Kexiyin had conspired again. She finally spared Xiyin’s life for Hu Nian’s sake. He will be kept in prison forever in Zuzhou for life. Wu Guli took Liulishou to bid farewell to Xiyin, and Xiyin asked Wuguli to go to the palace to walk around. Only by making a good relationship can Yanyan let him out. Wu Guli nodded in response, but Liu Lishou was unwilling to ask for help. He told Xi Yin that sooner or later he would use his power to defeat Yan Yan and welcome Xi Yin back. Wuguli didn’t want Xiyin and Liulishou to think about such treason. She was very angry, but Xiyin called Liulishou to the front, so that Liulishou wanted to win Yanyan’s trust and wait for an opportunity to retake it. The throne, let Liu Lishou try to hide some things from the bones.

Xiao Hailan came to the vendor to buy the agate bracelet she had seen, but Xian Zhen bought the bracelet earlier and gave it to Hailan. He sought Hailan’s favor, but Hailan said that he was not a casual person, and he would not accept others casually. s things. On the other side of the palace, Yu Xiao is pregnant, and Ye Luxian is overjoyed with Yu Xiao. Ye Luxian knows that his body cannot support the child when he grows up, but still comforts Yu Xiao. He will definitely see the child married and have a child. of.

Wu Guli learns that Yelvxian takes her little concubine Yuxiao privately. After Yuxiao is pregnant, Yelvxian also spends 10,000 times praying for her mother and son. She gloats, but she enters the palace with a fake appearance and cares about Xiao Yanyan, leaving things as they are Tell Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan was shocked when she learned that Yu Xiao was pregnant. She did not expect that Daliao was about to give birth to a prince, and as a queen, she was the last to know.

Ye Luxian and Yu Xiao already knew Xiao Yanyan’s knowledge. Ye Luxian did not worry Yu Xiao too much. He decided to see Yan Yan himself. He was wrong and shouldn’t have kept it from Yanyan for so long. Yu Xiao came to take a walk in the imperial garden. She asked about Hulie about the death of Brother Xi and the concubine. She also accidentally encountered Guanyin’er and fell down.

She stepped forward and helped Guanyin’er and knew about Guanyin’er. identity of. During the conversation between Yu Xiao and Guanyin’er, Xiao Yanyan came to the two of them. Yanyan asked her maid to take her daughter away. She glanced at Yu Xiao, and left after she had a pregnancy exemption. She couldn’t help but praise Yu Xiao for being really long. A look that I see pity.

In the evening, Yelvxian came to see Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan wished to enshrine Yuxiao as the concubine of Bohai and enter the Changning Palace. However, in order to take care of Yelvxian, she first let Yuxiao live in Yelvxian’s side palace, and the two met each other day after day. Ye Luxian will be happier too. Ye Luxian apologized to Xiao Yanyan. He knew that he had put all the important tasks of Daliao on Xiao Yanyan, but he lived an ordinary life with Yuxiao. Xiao Yanyan does not blame Ye Luxian for falling in love with Yu Xiao, but Ye Luxian should not conceal her, there is not even the minimum trust between the two, and Ye Luxian should not use human heart as a bargaining chip to weigh interests.

Ye Luxian saw Xiao Yanyan’s tears, but Xiao Yanyan claimed that she and the child were not that vulnerable. If the emperor and the queen had an extra concubine to make the emperor happy, she would also be willing. Yu Xiao is indeed a good girl, and she is busy everyday. Government affairs, now that Yu Xiao is here, she can feel relieved. After listening to Xiao Yanyan’s words, Ye Luxian hugged Xiao Yanyan and thanked Xiao Yanyan for her tolerance.

Liu Lishou is ambitious, he hides his black bones, and with the help of Sa Lazy, he wants to seize the power of the army while he is in the autumn and save Xiyin. In a blink of an eye, Yu Xiao’s child has been born, and Yelvxian’s health is getting worse. Xiao Yanyan brought the child to show Yelvxian. Yeluxian named the child Yaoshinu, hoping that the child can grow up in peace, and also give birth to mother and child. The two are entrusted to Xiao Yanyan.

After that, Brother Hugh came to see Yelvxian. Yelvxian wanted to see the future of the Liao Dynasty. He believed that Manjusri slaves had both civil and military skills, and had a good personality. The future will be a generation of Mingjun.

Yelvxian knew that he had no time. Many, he named Brother Xiu as greater than Yue, and entrusted the entire Yelu family to Brother Xiu, hoping that Brother Xiu could become the god of the sea like the house king, and assist Yanyan and the prince well. After Brother Xiu left, Ye Luxian instructed Yanyan to take good care of her body. She has been with her for a full 14 years, and she has been working hard for these 14 years.

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