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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 24 Recap

Princess Jianning called Wu Yingxiong to the bed, seduce him in every possible way, and deliberately made Wu Yingxiong want to take off her clothes. Wei Xiaobao wanted to go in and see what happened, Xia Guo persuaded him not to be nosy. Princess Jianning took the opportunity to take off Wu Yingxiong’s clothes and pressed her on the bed. Wu Yingxiong wanted to plot against her. Princess Jianning was so scared that she called for help. She took the opportunity to pull out a dagger and saw Wu Yingxiong on the spot. Wei Xiaobao took Xia Guo and others into the room and found Wu Yingxiong. Having passed out, Princess Jianning ordered Wei Xiaobao to kill Wu Yingxiong. Xia Guoxiang desperately interceded for Wu Yingxiong and sent someone to carry Wu Yingxiong down.

Wei Xiaobao knew at a glance that Princess Jianning was acting, and Princess Jianning repeatedly claimed that it was all for Wei Xiaobao. Wu Sangui came to hear the news. Wei Xiaobao and Princess Jianning deliberately called for help. They insisted that Wu Yingxiong raped Princess Jianning. Wu Sangui and Xia Guo kowtowed to Princess Jianning. Wei Xiaobao helped them up, and Wu Sangui begged Wei Xiaobao to plead for Wu Yingxiong.

Wei Xiaobao yelled to Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning pretended to hang herself. The maids were so scared that they yelled. Wu Sangui wanted to go in and see what happened. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly stopped him and went in to comfort Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning cried and grabbed the ground. Seek life and death. The Nine Difficulties sent Akko to assassinate Wu Sangui. Ak Ming knew that he would also be sent there for nothing, but he bit his head and led the way.

Wei Xiaobao reported to Wu Sangui that she had rescued Princess Jianning. He was worried that he could not explain to the emperor when he returned. He begged Wu Sangui to find a way for him. Wu Sangui suggested that Princess Jianning and Wu Yingxiong should be married. Wei Xiaobao firmly believed that Princess Jianning would not agree and wanted to ask the emperor. Reporting truthfully, Wu Sangui didn’t want to be extravagant, and desperately stopped him, and ran away with the excuse of seeing Wu Yingxiong’s injuries.

As soon as Wu Sangui walked to the door, Akko suddenly jumped out of the mask to assassinate him. Wu Sangui pretended to be seriously injured and ordered the assassin to be arrested and taken away. Duke Jianning married Wei Xiaobao and married him. Wei Xiaobao pretended that his whole body hurts. At this moment, the guards came to report to Wei Xiaobao that a girl who claimed to be Wang Keer assassinated Wu Sangui was arrested. Wei Xiaobao was stunned with fright, Princess Jianning Suspecting that the female assassin was Wei Xiaobao’s woman, when she pressed him hard, Wei Xiaobao couldn’t help but pushed her aside and asked the guards about the details of the assassin’s arrest.

Wei Xiaobao sent the guards to see Wu Sangui with his famous post, falsely claiming that the assassin was Princess Jianning’s personal court lady. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly went to report to the Nine Difficulties, begging her to come forward to rescue Wang Keer, but the nine Difficulties did not agree. He wanted to wait for Wu Sangui to take the initiative to find her.

Wei Xiaobao went to see Wu Sangui in person, and saw the two guards he had sent to take a nap in front of the gate of Pingxi Palace, and hurriedly woke them up. They lied that they waited all night and Wu Sangui did not see them at all. The servant opened the door and let Wei Xiaobao in. Xia Guoxiang greeted him with tears, and lied that Wu Sangui was seriously injured. Wei Xiaobao hurried into the house to visit.

Wu Sangui asked the maids to cry together. Wei Xiaobao mistakenly thought that Wu Sangui’s life was unsafe, and he was pretending to care about him. Wei Xiaobao asked Xia Guoxiang to send the maids out and asked Wu Sangui coldly. Wu Sangui groaned painfully, and the Foreign Affairs Office agreed to transfer the imperial doctor from the palace. Wu Sangui saw a doctor, Wu Sangui took out his pistol from under the pillow, and wanted to shoot Wei Xiaobao to death.

Xia Guoxiang was worried that Wei Xiaobao could see it, so he quickly pulled him aside and talked about it. Wei Xiaobao wanted to try the assassin at the first trial, so Xia Guoxiang took him to the cell. Wei Xiaobao recognized the female assassin as Mu Jianping at a glance, and Xia Guoxiang believed that someone was instructing the assassin to perform the assassination behind him, and it has been found that the assassin is the most intimate court lady next to Princess Jianning.

Wei Xiaobao winked at Mu Jianping, and bitterly asked the chief envoy behind her. Xia Guoxiang proposed to torture the assassin. Wei Xiaobao could only bite the bullet and agreed. Unexpectedly, Xia Guoxiang sent a few strong men to rape her. The assassin insisted that Xia Guoxiang instructed her to kill Wu Sangui, and wanted to replace it. Xia Guo repeatedly cried out injustice, but the assassin decided that he wanted to be King of Pingxi, Xia Guoxiang gritted his teeth with anger, and Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to instigate the relationship between Xia Guoxiang and Wu Sangui.

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