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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 13 Recap

The nurse informed Liu Shuqi to pay a deposit of 100,000 for the operation. She couldn’t make up that much money at the moment. Guan Yunyi called Chen Zhijun, but his mobile phone kept shutting down.

Lan Qiaoqiao made the rock sugar Sydney juice first, and her colleagues hurried to drink it. She wanted to feed it to Chen Zhijun herself, but Chen Zhijun politely declined. Guan Yuqing called Chen Zhijun’s colleague and told him that his father had a sudden illness and needed surgery, and asked him to bring a deposit of 100,000 to the hospital. Chen Zhijun hurried away and casually said that Guan Yuqing should also pay for the medical expenses. Guan Yuqing was very annoyed and Chen Zhijun scared him. Having to explain again and again, Guan Yuyun quickly took the bank card to pay the bill.

Guan Zhenlei received a call from Guan Yunyi and learned that his father was going to have a heart bypass operation. He rushed to the hospital without saying a word. Zhao Mei was worried that Guan’s family would blame them, and she started to mutter. Guan Yuqing, Guan Yuqing, and Liu Shuqi waited anxiously outside the operating room. Chen Zhijun kept making phone calls to discuss work with colleagues. Guan Yuqing was very impatient and asked him to contact him via WeChat. Liu Shuqi asked him to go home. Chen Zhijun had to leave first.

Xu Qingfeng finally completed Guan Yongnian’s surgery. He was exhausted. Guan Yuqing learned that he had just completed a seven-hour major surgery. He had a drip because of physical exhaustion, so he was shut down without going home to rest. After Yongnian had the operation, Guan Yuqing was grateful to him, but Xu Qingfeng praised her for the timely rescue within the first four minutes, which gained time for the operation. The two people looked at each other and couldn’t help holding each other’s hands tightly, ripples in their hearts. .

Chen Zhijun came home very late and saw that his colleagues were already asleep. He couldn’t find Lan Qiaoqiao everywhere and didn’t know where she had gone. Li Bei worked overtime until the early hours of the morning, and finally completed the 58th revision of the copy. She hurriedly sent it to her boss, who even asked her to revise the first draft, and Li Bei complained.

As soon as Chen Zhijun lay down, he suddenly heard someone opening the door, and he saw Lan Qiaoqiao cringing back from the crack of the door. Li Bei finished his copywriting and went home from work. When he went out, he ran into Guan Zhenlei waiting for her. Guan Zhenlei told her father’s heart bypassing. Li Bei complained that he shouldn’t be fooling around with his parents, so he rushed back to Guan’s house and forced her He sent his parents away and asked them to return the house to Guan Yongnian.

Zhao Mei resolutely refused to do it and insisted on selling the house for a four-bedroom house. Li Aiguo repeatedly claimed that the house is the foundation of the family. They only want Li Bei to be able to Have a stable life, don’t worry about the house, Li Bei said that the two of them were desperate.

Guan Zhenlei heard the conversation between Li Bei and his parents outside the door, and hurried into the house to express his attitude and let Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo live here steadily. He took care of the rest, and Li Bei had no choice but to give up. Guan Yuqing saw her haggard father on the hospital bed, feeling unspeakably sad, and vowed never to argue with him again.

Guan Yongnian’s body gradually improved. He couldn’t wait to see Guan Zhenlei. Guan Zhenlei hurriedly knelt down in front of his bed to admit his mistake. Guan Yongnian felt distressed that his leg hurts, so he got up quickly. Guan Yongnian saw that his son was half healed. Go home and fall in love with Li Bei. Guan Yuqing forcibly pulled Guan Zhenlei out, Guan Zhenlei spread all his anger on Guan Yuqing, and blamed her for not erasing her name from the real estate certificate earlier, otherwise Guan Yongnian would not get sick in a hurry, Guan Yuqing did not want to Entangled with him and warned him not to come to the hospital again.

Lan Qiaoqiao helped Chen Zhijun’s house clean up, and she turned out a large box full of trophies under the table. She cleaned them one by one and put them out on the Moments. Chen Zhijun saw this scene very hard to understand. Lan Qiaoqiao was early I’ve heard of Chen Zhijun’s name, and admire him like an idol. Lan Qiaoqiao also complained that Guan Yunyi hid these honors. Chen Zhijun’s vanity was more satisfied than ever.

Lan Qiaoqiao secretly took a lot of Chen Zhijun’s photos, and posted them to her circle of friends one by one to express her respect for him, and set up only for Chen Zhijun to see. Chen Zhijun saw Lan Qiaoqiao’s circle of friends and was enthusiastic. Guan Yongnian’s body recovered quickly. He increasingly felt that Xu Qingfeng was not only superb in medical skills, but also kind. Guan Yuqing revealed to his parents the news that Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng were living in the opposite door. Liu Shuqi and Guan Yongnian were both happy for Guan Yuqing. Guan Yongnian remembered Xu Qingfeng’s aggressive mother, and began to retreat, not wanting Guan Yuqing to marry Xu Xiulan.

Guan Yongnian heard from the nurse Xiao Jia that Xu Qingfeng came to round at ten o’clock, and hurriedly asked Liu Shuqi to call Guan Yuqing to create a chance for them to get along alone. Guan Yuqing rushed to the hospital upon hearing the news and ran into Gao Jianling. Gao Jianling learned that Guan Yongnian was ill and was hospitalized, so he came to visit with her. Guan Yongnian is very grateful to Gao Jianling. Gao Jianling admitted that he owed Guan Yuqing a greater favor. He briefly talked about Guan Yuqing’s matching of his father and son Xu Qingfeng, and let Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng get along well. Guan Yongnian was happy. flower. Guan Yunyu came home from the hospital and saw Chen Zhijun taking her colleagues in a meeting. She was not angry and called Chen Zhijun into the room.

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