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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 6 Recap

The “Theft of God of Wealth” occurred in Lingxiao Village, where public security has always been good, and this made the simple village suddenly panic. The disappearance of the God of Wealth led to a large number of media rushing to report, and Internet acid citizens even instilled the “Lingxiao Temple of Wealth Fan Group.” Zhao Zi silently bluffed God and Shancai, and finally found the criminal in this case-Yan Xiaoting. It turned out that Yan Xiaoting felt helpless about the fact that her orchard would be expropriated by the Zhang Group. He hoped that God of Wealth could “focus on” blessing her father.

In order to acquire the land in Lingxiao Village, Zhang Liqian used very tough methods, so he quickly called for briefing sessions to lure villagers into selling land and houses. Xia Qin went to stop, but Zhang Liqian slapped her face severely. Unexpectedly, when the two sides were facing off, the major news media reported that the statue of the God of Wealth in Lingxiao Village was found! The rapid development has shaken the villagers of Lingxiao Village who want to sell land and houses, because no one wants to lose the blessing of God of Wealth…

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