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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 26 Recap

Seeing Ling Rui walking by her side, Fang Ning couldn’t help feeling lost, wondering if Ling Rui really hated him. Fang Ning couldn’t concentrate on work several times, and hastily disbanded the meeting. Fang Ning did not meet Ling Rui. Specially picked the road in the opposite direction to the medical school.

Lu Yiyao is tortured by Lu Youyou so that he has no distractions, but Lu Youyou is also bored by Lu Yiyao’s daily life. I can only pray for Lu Yiyao to chat with myself. But Lu Yiyao just maintained a helpless expression with a look of hopelessness, and even just prepared fast food for lunch. Lu Youyou could only call and complain to Lu Fangning.

Lu Fangning came to the school’s small shop. Even if he walked in the opposite direction, he still ran into Ling Rui. Lu Fangning hid beside the food rack in embarrassment, but was still found by Ling Rui. Walking straight to Fang Ning’s side, Ling Rui maintained a calm expression, and the two said to each other for a long time. This time, Fang Ning had a real trance. But Ling Rui only left a few words and left with the file.

Fang Ning was rather distressed sitting on the wooden chair on the campus and saw Ling Rui walking towards him again. This time it was not an accident. Ling Rui asked Fang Ning to have dinner together, and Fang Ning stunnedly agreed. , The two sit side by side in chairs. Ling Rui asked about Fang Ning’s return time and whether Fang Ning returned to China alone. Fang Ning replied, but he was accepting suffering in his heart.

Finally unable to bear it, Fang Ning mustered up the courage to apologize to him as soon as he left. He also promised that he would completely disappear into Ling Rui’s life after he was busy. Ling Rui just kept a decent smile and left a sentence: I understand. Fang Ning looked at Ling Rui and did not make a firm statement, and an awkward atmosphere ran between the two. Fang Ning, who really couldn’t bear the pressure, fled again, while Ling Rui looked at Fang Ning’s hurried departure, thinking secretly.

Cai Siyu fell into a crisis of codewords, and his inspiration dried up like a dry field. At this time, the editor called Cai Siyu and informed Cai Siyu that his famous work was suspected of being a manuscript. Cai Siyu angrily explained to the editor that everything in this famous work was his own personal experience…

Lu Fangning took Lu Youyou home, but still couldn’t stop thinking about the meeting with Ling Rui today. In order to avoid being tempted by Ling Rui’s beauty, Lu Fangning decided to finish the work as soon as possible and take Lu Youyou back to China. After the all-night work was over, Lu Fangning finally finished all the work and started packing up early in the morning. But Lu Youyou was unwilling for a thousand, and didn’t want to go back shamelessly.

At this time, Shen Zhuo came to Lu Fangning’s home and mentioned the brand’s new job in the park. This is a good opportunity to enter the domestic market. Unwilling to let go of the opportunity to expand the brand, Lu Fangning had to take over the new job and stay to continue working. Lu Youyou was overjoyed when she heard it, and quickly settled her mood and plunged into Fang Ning’s embrace.

Lu Yiyao saw Cai Siyu’s Weibo to clarify the rumors of washing the manuscript, and couldn’t help but fall into the memory. Thinking of the happy time with Cai Siyu bit by bit, Lu Yiyao’s mouth was still very honest.

Shen Zhuo and Lu Fangning came to the art park to discuss cooperation. The unexpectedly smooth process made Fang Ning very puzzled. After seeing Ling Rui shaking hands with the person in charge of the park, Mr. Cao, Fang Ning knew that all of this was Ling Rui’s Boost. Seeing Ling Rui stepping into the door and not wanting to be a light bulb, Shen Zhuozheng wanted to escape with the excuse of removing the plaster, but Fang Ning caught the scene of playing a “fake couple”. Ling Rui also offered to accompany him. The spark between Ning and Ning couldn’t speak, and the three had to go to the hospital where Ling Rui worked.

Shen Zhuo sat in the infirmary to remove the plaster. Ling Rui stood at the door and waited, specifically guarding not to let Lu Fangning leave. Listening to the doctor who removed the plaster talking about Ling Rui’s gossip, Lu Fangning couldn’t help but speak for himself. excuse. Standing at the door eavesdropping, Ling Rui couldn’t help but smile.

Seeing that Ling Rui was still at the door, Fang Ning wanted to pretend to have a stomachache and leave the scene, but was caught by Ling Rui for inspection. While checking, Ling Rui and Fang Ning said that they had learned from Mr. Cao that Shen Zhuo and Fang Ning were no longer a normal cooperative relationship. Seeing that the scheme failed, Fang Ning had to sit down. Knowing that Fang Ning had the old problem of stomachache, Ling Rui prescribed a prescription and handed it to Fang Ning, and whispered to Fang Ning that his phone number had not changed. Hearing the suggestive words, Fang Ning was stunned and speechless.

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